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Fall in Love with Instagram Again By Following These Photographers

While the social media platform has democratized the image-making field, these professionals will keep you artistically inspired as you scroll through your feed.
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Photo via Instagram / @micaiahcarter

With just how much Instagram has taken over culture, it's hard to remember it's a phenomenon unique to the past decade. Long gone are the days where creative image-making was left to the art kids and anyone who pursues it as a profession—now, taking a good photo is anyone's game. Thus, when thinking of photography on this social media platform, high-tech iPhone cameras and VSCO premium accounts probably come to mind, creating a bit of a cultural crisis over what makes a photo truly unique. In an era with an endless stream of content at our disposal, how can you cultivate a feed with the kind of artistic spark that leaves you feeling inspired instead of drained? 

Lucky for you, plenty of professional photographers are sharing their creative projects on Instagram, and it's a move that's beneficial to all parties involved—as with the artists we recently highlighted, these creatives can skip traditional formats to bring their work directly to a dedicated audience, and followers have the opportunity to enjoy their photos simply by opening their go-to app. Below, see six of our favorites, all of which are sure to up your aesthetic experience.


Picture endless fields of daisies and poppies, Icelandic hot spings, sand deserts, and young girls dressed in white linens idling beneath trees. These are the kinds of visuals to expect from Betina du Toit, the Paris-based photographer whose work will lull you into a faraway universe. Born near Cape Town, South Africa, du Toit captures the quintessential in “an endless attempt to re-capture the fleeting moment when all elements come together." 



Infused with elements of magic realism, James J. Robinson's work conveys an atmosphere that goes beyond the frame of the photograph, as if he was a paparazzo in the world that he’s imagined for us. Originally from Melbourne, the NYC-based photographer, who possesses training in filmmaking, draws inspiration from movie stills. His images, often shot after dark in neon hues of emerald green, electric blue, and crimson red, look like they are straight out of a David Lynch movie.


Chloe Horseman has worked for brands like Glossier, Lisa Says Gah, and Orseund Iris, as well as shot Instagram muses like Coco Baudelle and Reese Blutstein. Her Lower East Side meets Le Marais vision—chic yet understated—is what makes the photographer one to be on the lookout for.


Micaiah Carter is redefining the way we perceive the subjects of his work. Among other projects, the 23-year-old, Brooklyn-based photographer has shot the likes of Serena Williams, Pharrell, and Solange, as well as advertising campaigns for Nike, Converse, and Thom Browne. Constantly highlighting some of the most-watched young creatives in entirely new lights, Carter's impact on your feed will be anything but boring.


Heather Hazzan’s visuals resemble what Diane Arbus’s photographs would have looked like if she had geared her work towards fashion. Often against white backdrops with minimal styling, Hazzan likes to capture her subjects in their most raw and authentic form. It's sure to catch your eye amidst a culture of unprecedented editing capability and remind you the beauty of what lies underneath all the filters and retouching.


Lily-Rose Depp, Pamela Anderson, Hunter Schafer, and Jane Fonda are just a few of the icons that Luke Gilford has shot. The LA & NYC-based photographer explores society’s fixation with the plasticized and sterile, and his creations navigate the nuanced concepts of depth that come from his knowledge of California culture. All that creates a body of work that will make you think while showering you in its glowy aesthetic.



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