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“My advice is that you need to distribute the makeup across your face, not rub it. I’ve noticed that many people violently rub the foundation into the skin thinking that it’ll become more resistant, but rubbing only spoils the makeup. Foundation should be put on the face using stroking movements. That way, you will not only achieve perfect coverage but you will be consuming less product, too. Use a brush, a sponge or your own fingers—whatever you’re more comfortable with.”

“Opt for wet products or try to dampen dry product before application. Be it shadows, blush, bronzers or highlighters, liquids lie smoother, last longer and maintain brighter colors. My second tip is to line your upper eyelashes with a flat brush or pencil so that your eyelashes can appear thicker and your eyes more expressive. It’s best to apply under-eye concealer using patting movements with your fingers – it’s more convenient and you can work out the fine details with a brush.

“The secret to the perfect smokey-eye is this: first apply a brown base from the fold of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. Only then should you apply a black shadow across the same areas and in the lower eyelid. This technique will help you avoid clumps and smudges. I also advise that you feather the shadow in one direction (left to right, not to and fro) and that you keep the brush perpendicular to the skin.”

Wayne Goss, on the other hand, recommends applying loose powder before a foundation rather than after. This makes the coating more resistant the skin will remain matte until the end of the day. Yes, it might feel weird at first but it really works! That being said, make sure to moisturize beforehand because this technique also has the risk of drying out the skin.


“Some people use a toothbrush to scrub the lips. I use it to clean off the flakes of a model’s lips and nose both before and after makeup. I discovered it a few years ago at the backstage of a show and I’ve never stopped since. As for lip lining: you need to focus on the actual creases of your lips and not the color. It turns out that one’s lips don’t actually end where the color stops, so don’t be afraid to line a little beyond that - where you can feel a slight indentation of the skin. While you outline your lip, I would also recommend drawing a small cross at your cupid’s bow using a brush or pen to make the shape more pronounced.”


My advice involves mixing products up: lipstick works perfectly as a cream brush, primer can be used as an eyebrow base, use a drop of honey to style your hair…the possibilities are endless. Also, when I do my own makeup (especially when I’m going for a neutral look), I always put my blush on my cheeks, the crease of my eyelids, my nose and on either side of my forehead. It always gives me a fresher look. My last advice is to use a dry cotton swab to erase any unwanted smudge you’ve made on your eyelids – the key is to wait until it dries, however, that way it’ll be easily removable.”


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