Bee Venom Could Be a Natural Alternative to Botox

Reflecting Portuguese culture and soul, the Four Seasons Ritz Lisbon is also an oasis of relaxation. Presenting its latest novelty, their exclusive care of the brand Ignae based on bee venom, cow colostrum, and donkey's milk.
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Known for its legendary outdoor race track on the roof of the hotel, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz in Lisbon is also a remarkable fitness and wellness destination. With its 18-meter heated indoor pool, two private Pilates studios, a gym overlooking the city and a rest area offering a view of the park, the spa and fitness center are a highlight at the hotel.

Constantly searching for performance and excellence in terms of beauty treatments, the spa has recently partnered exclusively with new beauty brand Ignae, which hails from the Azores Archipelago. Located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, 1600 km away from Portugal and more than twice that distance from North America, the Azores, with boasts mild climatic conditions, favor the development of products with impressive purity and unique compositions. The result of a long process in researching the best anti-aging ingredients, the brand uses untapped resources from the lush nature of the Azores, which has one of the highest concentrations of hydrothermal vents in the world. Unknown and preserved for centuries, its island of São Miguel is overflowing in natural resources rich in peptides and vegetable oils, as well as minerals from countless hot springs.

To help guests discover the benefits of the Ignae line in the heart of Lisbon, the Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Spa has created three tailor-made treatments based on the star ingredients of the Ignae line, which include bee venom. A natural alternative to Botox, bee venom is a powerful collagen stimulant that naturally paralyzes muscles by "cheating" the skin and making it believe it's been stung. Similarly, cow's colostrum, which is the breast milk the cow produces immediately after giving birth, is used by the brand because it is capable of regenerating skin cells and stimulates collagen production. (The calf only needs one liter of colostrum after birth, the rest can be taken and stored before being integrated into the creation of cosmetics.) Finally, donkey milk, which was notoriously used by Cleopatra in Ancient Times, is used by the brand for its moisturizing and regenerative qualities. All of these powerful anti-aging ingredients are featured in the three Anti Age, Moisturizing & Regenerating, and Body Cocoon treatments, exclusively offered at the Four Seasons Ritz Lisbon Spa.


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