Between Fantasy And Reality: Bottega Veneta's Illusione

The his-and-hers fragrance pair captures the essence of la dolce vita.
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Bottega Veneta blurs the line between dreams and reality with its new fragrance duo, Illusione, which comes in versions for him and her. Taking inspiration from the idea of amore, the fragrances capture sensual Italian allure from two perspectives. 

The masterpieces of a trio of master perfumers, the scents conjure up the image of Italy's dreamy landscapes. The fragrances center on the tension between freshness and sensuality, evident through the distinct contrast between the top notes of citrus and base notes of wood. Illusione for her brings a floral scent crafted by Annick Menardo and Amandine Clerc-Marie, while Illusione for him by Antoine Maisondieu carries a woody citrus aroma. 

Art director Fabien Baron effectively captures the scents' ambiguous state in three campaign films, which each leave viewers wondering which parts of the film are real and which are merely fantasy. They create the perfect mood for dreaming at the end of summer and have a nostalgic yet decisively modern air to them, so it's exactly what you need for your last-minute getaway to Italy (or even just to the Hamptons).

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Illusione for her comprises top notes of bergamot and blackcurrant, with a following wave of orange blossom and green fig that warmly complements the base notes of olive wood and tonka bean. A floral fantasy grounded in its woody base, this will perfectly complement the florals for fall that have been trending.

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On the other hand, Illusione for him has top notes of lemon and bitter orange essence and gets a more masculine touch from ingredients like woody fir balsam and white cedarwood, with all of it coming together via vibrant vetiver and tonka beans. Complex and storied, it is ready to bring the fragrance's signature ambiguity and mystique to any wearer.

The perfumers have worked carefully to ensure both fragrances reflect the careful craftsmanship synonymous with the Bottega Veneta name. The flacon features reflective glass to magnify the perfume inside, which comes in pink and green tints. As pleasing for olfactory aesthetics as they are for visual, the new scents are sure to steal the hearts of fragrance fans for many Italian summers to come.




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