Gucci Westman to Launch Beauty Collection

The makeup artist's vegetarianism has reportedly inspired her decision to create her own line of clean, conscious, and complexion-focused beauty.
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Dewy runway complexions — coming soon to a Barney’s near you!

Makeup artist Gucci Westman, known for the enviable glows she has sent down some of the popular runways, is crafting her own line of six beauty buys under the name Westman Atelier. In minimal, neutral packaging reminiscent of Fenty Beauty, the collection is set to launch in April and will include a Highlight Stick, Face Contour Stick, and Foundation Stick, amongst other products. Though similar in form to Rihanna’s viral beauty collection, Westman Atelier is only offering 11 shades of foundation.

What Westman’s line is sacrificing in terms of shade variety is made up for in a high-quality formula that the artist took time to develop herself after years of witnessing how typical cosmetics react to skin. WWD reports that “biomimicry pigment technology” is he key to Westman’s line, allowing significant color payoff from synthetic pigment molecules that never actually touch down on skin. To Westman, creating a foundation that gives great color results without disrupting skin is “the best of both worlds.”

Westman follows fellow renowned makeup artists Charlotte Tilbury and Pat McGrath in launching her own line but maintains her own aesthetic by keeping all products of Westman Atelier as clean as possible - without sacrificing results. “It’s about making a conscious choice, having all the facts and making a good decision with integrity and positivity,” she said of her mission to use clean ingredients. That being said, Westman doesn’t “want to deny anyone of luxurious colors or textures”. Chemicals such as silicones, however, are still off-limits.

You can purchase Westman Atelier in April 2018 at Barney’s New York and, where you can sign up for notifications.



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