Introducing Supergreat: The Beauty Review App Where Everyone is an Expert

In a world overflowing with #SponCon, Supergreat aims to create a community of real people (not influencers) reviewing beauty products that work for them.
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We’ve all been there – a celebrity or influencer we follow on Instagram is promoting a new beauty or skincare product and we fall hook, line, and sinker for their ad. I can’t count the number of times I’ve tried a new face wash that ended up sending my skin into a downward spiral just because someone with a lot of followers told me to. It’s frustrating, disheartening, and – worst of all – expensive. If you’ve ever been in the same boat as me, then fret no more, because Supergreat is here to break that influencer-driven cycle and give us the honest – and unpaid – reviews that we deserve.

Supergreat is a new app with an explicit mission to create a community where anyone, not just people who are receiving payment, can create reviews for their favorite beauty, skincare, and makeup products. The anyone part is essential to the creators' vision and the success of the platform.

“We don’t expect our users to have massive followings or be influencers. Anyone can show up at Supergreat just to talk about products they like, and they can actually make friends, and connect with other people who are super beauty fans also,” said co-founders Tyler Faux and Daniel Blackman.

The app is easy to use. From the homepage, you can swipe to land on your desired product area: Daily Features, Makeup, Skincare, Hair Products, Scents, Bath & Body, Tools, Featured Brands, and Reward Reviews. On each page, there are community topics as well as featured reviews. If there’s a specific product you'd like to read about, simply click the large purple plus sign at the bottom of the page. From there, it's possible to search for the product by name, scan the barcode of a physical product, or copy the URL from a website. Users can also earn supercoins for either creating a review or referring a friend. Earning enough supercoins allows you to take part in the product drops that happen on the app.

The power of Supergreat isn’t just its simplicity, but its authenticity.  “These are real people,” said Faux and Blackman. Real people who span different age ranges, socioeconomic strata, races, and genders.

“All of our tooling and everything we create focuses around empowering users to feel comfortable,” said Faux and Blackman. “So, a lot of our users range in age and style and look. We have some high school students that only focus on products that they can buy for under ten dollars from CVS. And then we have some that are higher-end products, that are incorporated into a more professional routine.”

Because of this, the creators of Supergreat believe their users are more willing to be their authentic selves while on the platform. “I think there’s a little bit of anxiety about posting something on a social platform where your content is valued based on the number of likes it gets, or the number of followers you have,” said Faux and Blackman. “For us, it’s about easing back on that a little bit and showing the value of your content in a different way. It allows these everyday people to talk about these things, and not feel like they have to act and look a certain way like they would in other places.”

The idea is that anyone can use the app in any way that works for them. Supergreat is putting beauty back in the hands of the everyday person. “We want beauty to be fun, and we want routines to be fun,” said Faux and Blackman. “We don’t want it to be this big deal where you feel like you have to be doing something a specific way. Just be yourself, and have fun, and make a video. And, you’ll be surprised how many people will want to interact with you, and ask questions, and just relate to you being yourself.”

You can download Supergreat on the App Store.


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