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Elie Saab Couture Fall 2019

Reimagined symbols create patterns of sequins, diamonds, and explosions of color.
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China and East Asia are the inspiration for Elie Saab's Fall 2019 haute couture collection. These cultures are rich in symbolism that digs into the essence of the land, drawings that have remained for centuries, and stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. The elements highlight the nature, the mystical creatures and divine characters that aroused the curiosity of the designer, who translated them into her own art.

Using the classic embroidery techniques of the firm, the maison reimagined fascinating Chinese drawings, to create patterns in sequins, diamonds, and explosions of color, which embody abstract representations of fauna and flora, key elements that are believed to represent powerful protective spirits that watch over those who carry them, like the guardian angels.

Throughout the collection, shapes and strong volumes are balanced with softer fabrics and transparencies, which also allow embroidery to effortlessly jump and draw a timeless history from one piece to another.

As a symbol of wisdom and elegance, the crane appears as an elongated figure surrounded by floral shapes that adorn long, elegant and structured dresses covered in tulle, taffeta and plum, gold and pink feathers.


The dragon makes its protective presence add a touch of mystery with kimono style jackets and pieces in jasmine and red in velvet and satin combinations.

The elements masterfully portrayed and delicately stitched to each piece allow this collection to extract inspiration and imagination to create its unique version of the eternal mystery of women. Eloquently displayed are the women who shine in their softness and elegance, but who are also incarnations of strength and power, inherited from their divine protectors.

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