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2020 Fall Fashion Trends To Shop Now

These fall fashion trends are showing up all over the runways, so you're sure to see them everywhere this year.
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During the course of fashion month, hundreds of major brands display their visions for the next season, and while each show and presentation highlights designers' creative visions, together they forecast a new wave of fashion trends that will certainly be taking over street style—and your closet—in just a few months. Though so many looks have made their way down the runways, we've found a few fall fashion trends for 2020 that seem sure to be everywhere later this year.

So far at fashion week, we've seen some classics we know and love, like color blocking, fringe, and plaid, find their way into many collections in ways that seem certain to catch on. Yet a few less typical fall fashion trends have also popped up: think ballroom dresses, bright colors like fuschia, and opera-length gloves for everyday wear. Overall, the seemingly unanimous vision by many designers for Fall 2020 is that women want to have fun with their clothes again. Whether it is with cheerful colors, festive textures, or items reminiscent of childhood like bows and tulle dresses, it appears our wardrobes (and quite possibly, our attitudes) will be taking an optimistic turn this fall.

Ahead, we've listed some of our favorite fall fashion trends for 2020, straight from the runways in New York, London, Milan, and Paris. We think many of these will eventually make their way onto the streets, red carpets, and ultimately, most likely on your Instagram feed. 

Ballroom Silhouettes

1582569260955389 08 ballroom richardquinn look43 fw2020 fashion trends1582569260936210 01 ballroom mollygoddard look26 fw2020 fashion trends
1582569260953445 03 ballroom christopherjohnrogers look15 fw2020 fashion trends1582569260962894 03 ballroom brandonmaxwell look60 fw2020 fashion trends
Clockwise from top left: Richard Quinn, Molly Goddard, Brandon Maxwell, Christopher John Rogers

There's just something about getting dressed for a special occasion that just makes you feel – well, special. Designers amplified that sentiment this season to ask the question: why wait for an elusive occasion to look and feel your very best? Not only did designers show a seemingly unprecedented amount of evening wear in their ready-to-wear collections, but the real bravery seemed to be in the colors and silhouettes chosen. Bold neons, mile-long trains, and the most voluminous of skirts were presented as the new fashion norm. While we don't expect to see a full, floor-length skirt on a morning commute any time soon, we do think a major fall fashion trend for 2020 will be maximalism and inventive styling, helping to allow for the normalization of formalwear for the everyday.

Opera-Length Gloves

1582569574332453 07 gloves marcjacobs look36 fw20201582643365807559 04 gloves richardquinn look25 fw2020
1582569574339202 11 gloves annasui look11 fw20201582569574334035 10 gloves therow look1 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Marc Jacobs, Richard Quinn, The Row, Anna Sui

Keeping in step with the theme of dressing down a more "dressed up" look, formal gloves made appearances on dozens of runways, from Marc Jacobs to The Row. Though various formal gloves were seen accompanying all kinds of looks, opera-length gloves were especially prevalent. Perhaps it is a bit of escapism to brighten up a mundane day, or perhaps it is just an overlooked accessory that has a lot more potential than we give it credit for. Either way, this major 2020 fall fashion trend adds a touch of drama that pairs well with a strapped or sleeveless dress, suit jacket, or short-sleeved blouse.


1582569710577845 01 fringe bottega look45 fw20201582569710621057 02 fringe prada look1 fw2020
1582569710648663 03 fringe fendi look51 fw20201582648096982892 04 fringe dior look46 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Bottega Veneta, Prada, Dior, Fendi

Fringe has been making its way into a range of collections as of late, and one thing is for sure in the fall fashion trends taking over in 2020: fringe is for way more than just denim and cowboy boots. In fact, fringe seemed to be everywhere at Milan Fashion Week, accessorizing a range of aesthetics. Engulfing everything from pants to dresses and bags, the trend has taught us one major takeaway: any occasion is appropriate for a dose of fringe.

Statement Collars

1582569887713843 05 collars gucci look13 fw20201582569887747539 06 collars emiliawickstead look7 fw2020
1582569887728521 03 collars albertaferretti look1 fw20201582569887728572 04 collar bevza look19 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Gucci, Emilia Wickstead, Bevza, Alberta Ferretti

Perhaps one of our favorite trends of this month is seeing the rise of the statement collar take place in many forms. From embroidered Peter Pan collars and ruffled abstract styles to sharp, exaggerated versions that command your attention, collars add a bit of extra detail to any outfit. And with so many different styling options to choose from, this is a 2020 fall fashion trend that can easily transfer to fit any individual's style. 

Fearless Fuschia

1582570181390941 03 fuschia christopherjohnrogers look30 fw20201582570181435768 02 fuschia shrimps look17 fw2020
1582570181453061 04 fuschia eckhauslatta look4 fw20201582570181390049 05 fuschia bottega look7 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Christopher John Rodgers, Shrimps, Bottega Veneta, Eckhaus Latta

While stereotypes say that many New Yorkers love to dress in an all-black uniform, the abundance of joyful fuschia is a 2020 fall fashion trend that could push women all around the world to step out of the safe land of neutral and beige shades that have been popular in the past. A bold choice for autumn weather, this color adds new energy to seasonal staple pieces such as outerwear or suiting.

Voluminous Shoulders

1582571019196669 01 shoulders jwanderson look17 fw20201582571019355341 08 shoulders cinqasept look23 fw2020
1582571019194365 11 shoulders maxmara look2 fw20201582571019188730 06 shoulders christopherjohnrogers look19 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: JW Anderson, Cinq a Sept, Christopher John Rogers, Max Mara

A puff-sleeve or shoulder has been on our trend radar for the past few seasons now. Though in spring shows the puff shoulder felt soft and ladylike, this past month, designers were a bit more specific for Fall 2020 by focusing on a strong shoulder, paired with a more straight sleeve for a more editorial finish. Executions ranged from feminine interpretations with ruched gathering at JW Anderson to powerful silhouettes with a sharp geometric twist at Christopher John Rogers. Any way that it is styled, however, definitely makes a statement.

Matching Sets

1582571255259462 03 sets sandyliang look21 fw20201582571255299162 02 sets arthurarbesser look4 fw2020
1582571255271162 01 sets jwanderson look37 fw20201583853730999000 04 sets lacoste look23 fw2020
From left: Sandy Liang, Arthur Arbesser, Lacoste, JW Anderson

Could it actually be possible to not love a matching set? We didn't think so either. The ease of having an outfit all put together for you, while having the versatility to wear the separates styled on their own, is a big reason we are happy to see more designers work them into cold-weather collections. The updates? Exciting new prints, slightly relaxed silhouettes, and taking the 2020 fall fashion trend further with optional matching jackets.

Color Blocking

1583784825793187 04 colorblock hermes look10fw20201582571515960018 04 colorblock carolinaherrera look3 fw2020
1582571516329850 03 colorblock albertaferretti look24 fw20201582571515834719 01 colorblock gucci look42 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Hermes, Carolina Herrera, Gucci, Alberta Ferretti

Color blocking isn't exactly a new trend to the fashion world, yet it has been pretty much off the radar after it's early 2010s surge. (One can remember the massive excitement around Gucci's Spring 2011 show with its vivid jewel tones) And after almost 10 years, it is appearing back on runways for an unexpected season. While bright colors usually tend to show up on spring trend reports, for Fall 2020, a host of designers explored ranges of primary colors and a mix of other brights in seasonal fabrics such as leather, velvet, and sequins, offering consumers one solution to keep the winter blues away. 


1582571800190119 01 bows christopherkane look58 fw20201582571800182901 03 bows mollygoddard look6 fw2020
1582641566191241 sr fw20 lookbook a4 04 011582571800068300 05 bows cinqasept look5 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Christopher Kane, Molly Goddard, Cinq a Sept, Simone Rocha

Bows! They aren't just for kindergarten anymore. The rise of childhood-inspired and retro dressing has only grown over the past year. Throughout last summer, some of the most prevalent trends were tie-dye, beaded friendship bracelets, hair accessories, pastel hair, and daisy motifs, so it goes as no surprise that this trend isn't dying, but is going a step further with bows popping up all over garments. Designers placed bows on top of hats, repeated them as patterns on dresses, used them as neckties, and much more. If you're still a bit weary, some modernizing of the fall 2020 fashion trend, such as textured bows in muted palettes and sharper, bow-tie like shapes as seen at Christopher Kane, offers a bit more versatility and perhaps makes integrating bows into your outfit a bit more approachable.

Vivid Plaids

1582572139685227 01 plaid gucci look20 fw20201582572139696338 04 plaid assembly look8 fw2020
1582572167037248 07 plaid burberry look46 fw20201582641914055283 10 plaid shrimps look2 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Gucci, Assembly, Shrimps, Burberry

Most of us are no stranger to wearing plaid; some brands such as Burberry have built a whole brand identity around the pattern. Having seen it take on many forms, it's always impressive to see which new iterations designers can think up to reinvent the timeless favorite. Over the years we have seen plaids come in many popular categories such as grunge plaids, uniform-dressing plaids, and now this fall fashion trend for 2020, in which plaids are styled in courageous, eclectic colors, with designers trying out head-to-toe plaid dressing and unconventional mixed patchwork patterns.

Dramatic Capes

1583785146063760 05 capes celine look18 fw20201583785146079809 06 capes givenchy look16 fw2020
1583785234732050 04 capes michaelkors look fw20201583785301585396 02 capes brandonmaxwell look1 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Celine, Givenchy, Brandon Maxwell, Michael Kors Collection

What better to make you feel like a superhero on a windy day than adding on a cape to your outfit while also adding an extra layer of warmth? Designers introduced capes ranging from suiting-like and practical at Celine to ruffled, floor-length, and dramatic at Brandon Maxwell. This fall fashion trend for 2020 is certain to make you feel empowered, whether you work it into your street style next fashion week or just enjoy your look while out with friends.


1583785423389107 01 equestrian chanel look45 fw20201583785423458992 03 equestrian brandonmaxwell look16 fw2020
1583785423380334 05 equestrian hermes look25 fw20201583785423461254 06 equestrian toryburch look6 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Chanel, Brandon Maxwell, Tory Burch, Hermes

Throughout fashion month, transportive, imagery-driven shows centered around storytelling to bring guests straight to the landscape of the designer's imagination, with one popular narrative surrounding the equestrian woman becoming a major fall fashion trend for 2020 in itself. While a house like Hermès undoubtedly has equestrian aesthetics in its DNA, double-breasted riding coats, knee-high leather boots, and other equestrian-themed garments also popped up at the likes of Chanel, Tory Burch, and Michael Kors Collection.

Modern Quilts

1583785592644065 02 quilted balenciaga look41 fw20201583785604097230 04 quilted jasonwu look9 fw2020
1583785578587462 06 quilted chloe look fw20201583785619792712 05 quilted balmain look14 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Balenciaga, Jason Wu, Balmain, Chloé

We've become familiar with seeing quilted fabrics in previous seasons; primarily created as outerwear for fall and winter. On a cold day, being able to (almost) wear a blanket as an outfit definitely helps battle inclement weather. Designers had a new take when it came to the Fall 2020 edition of this fashion trend, in the form of head-to-toe quilted options. Printed quilted patterns, quilted ruffles, skirts, and ponchos were all great updates to see on runways this season and added a number of pleasant new options for chic cold-weather gear.

Layering Vests

1583785696483517 02 vests coperni look16 fw20201583785697180370 03 vests celine look fw2020
1583785697323296 03 vests dior look33 fw20201583785712240788 04 vests etro look39 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Coperni, Celine, Etro, Dior

When it comes to fall dressing, layering has always been the name of the game for both style and practicality. The classic layering piece in the form of a vest showed up on runways in mostly cropped cuts. With heavily embroidered styles at Celine, suiting vests at Dior, and futuristic transparent styles at Coperni, there is indeed a vest for everyone in this 2020 fall fashion trend.

French Bourgeois Style

1583785809605428 04 bourgeoisie miumiu look37 fw20201583785809613070 01 frenchbourgeoisie celine look13 fw2020
1583785849041983 05 bourgeois ysl look1 fw20201583785831544244 04 bourgeois chloe look2 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Miu Miu, Celine, Saint Laurent, Chloe

Don't we all truly want to dress like the fancy (and albeit rich) French girl hidden deep inside of us? A major fall fashion trend for 2020 is embracing staples of the affluent bourgeoisie woman, who apparently loves a skirt suit and rich tailoring. The key to this look is texture: think thick fabrics cut in ladylike silhouettes, long skirts, and a soft blouse with either ruffles or a bow necktie to top the look.


1583785917220662 01 sustainability apocolypse look13 fw20201583785917466902 05 rickowens apocalypse look36 fw2020
1583785917381036 02 apocalypse cdg look13 fw20201583785917368873 03 apocalypse marineserre look22 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Marine Serre, Comme des Garçons

In the current state of a global climate crisis, designers used their runways as platforms to address the emergency state of society. Though many brands sought out to create conversations around sustainability and ways to promote change, others expressed the urgency for radical change through themes of apocalyptic dressing and what to wear for the "end of the world," or at least suggest that's where we are heading if dramatic adjustments aren't implemented in both the fashion industry and the rest of the world. This revolutionary fall fashion trend brought about some of the most innovative and unconventional designs of the season, and hopefully, the looks inspire some transformative thinking about the industry's state in 2020.


1583786102116345 09 headcoverings dior look40 fw20201583786073272308 02 headcoverings gucci look59 fw2020
1583786102337734 03 headcoverings marcjacobs look1 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Dior, Gucci, Marc Jacobs

This season, runways were heavy with innovative headgear, but one standout star amongst them was the headscarf. Styled both "high" and "low" as designers paired the piece with everything from casual bohemian looks to formal dresses, this is definitely a versatile fall fashion trend for 2020.

Victorian Silhouettes

1583786179933113 02 victorian brockcollection look17 fw20201583786179941663 05 victorian rodarte look7 fw2020
1583786179947106 04 victorian gucci look33 fw20201583786179975123 04 victorian khaite look43 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Brock Collection, Rodarte, Khaite, Gucci

Shows embraced a more comprehensive form of nostalgia this year, with looks ranging from 18th century-inspired ballgowns to 80's puffed shoulders. Several labels, like Rodarte and Gucci, also took inspiration from Victorian silhouettes (perhaps an evolution from last summer's prairie chic), making for a great 2020 fall fashion trend for anyone who loves an unapologetically romantic look. Modest, long-sleeved dresses and floor-length skirts, paired with high necklines and lots of volume, transported show attendees to another time while advocating for a revival in the art of dressing.

Serious (Leather) Business

1583786326389221 01 strongleather hermes look14 fw20201583786326614828 04 strongleather miumiu look39 fw2020
1583786326607461 02 strongleather look3 khaite fw20201583786326535531 05 strongleather louisvuitton look05 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Hermes, Miu Miu, Louis Vuitton, Khaite

Leather is no newbie when it comes to cold weather, yet when it comes to fall fashion trends in 2020, the question is no longer if, but how leather will be styled in the months to come. While recent years have given way to leather in bold colors, the upcoming season is forecasted to be dominated by heavy, black leather in head-to-toe looks. Thick, tailored pieces, leather trench coats with leather boots, and matching, matte leather separates are now the new black–again.

The New Bermuda

1583786491667443 04 shorts chloe look20 fw20201583786491708976 05 shorts ysl look30 fw2020
1583786519085196 01 shortsuit marcjacobs look32 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Chloe, Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs

Shorts for fall? Truly groundbreaking. Designers reintroduced the Bermuda short for cold weather, as they are aptly named for hot, or even tropical climates. By elongating the length on the shorts and showing them in unconventional fabrics such as leather, tweed, and suiting, this fall fashion trend means shorts are now able to be worn all year long. Consider styling with a pair of tights or long boots.

Checked Out

1583786585991142 02 check brockcollection look11 fw20201583786583365138 03 checks dior look29 fw2020
1583786916220287 04 checks miumiu look32 fw2020
Clockwise from top left: Brock Collection, Dior, Miu Miu

Checks being a relatively easy print to wear makes them a perfect candidate for fall dressing. Fall 2020 runways showed checks in a variety of enlarged prints and matching checked suits.

Shine Bright

1592289529945405 balenciaga silver fallrtw201592289536109810 valentino silver fallrtw20
1592289565096898 alexandermcqueen silver fallrtw201592289685549225 paco rabanne silver2 fallrtw20
Clockwise from top left: Balenciaga, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Paco Rabanne

Silver might just be the new black this Fall. Designers played with the textures of this metallic hue giving 'high-shine' a new meaning this season. Don't be afraid to implement a bit of silver into your wardrobe and explore a more futuristic motif.

The 70's Coat

1592289910803340 celine coat fallrtw201592289956745061 balenciaga coat fallrtw20
1592289979396957 chloe coat fallrtw201592290073839921 paco rabanne coat fallrtw20
Clockwise from top left: Celine, Balenciaga, Chloe, Paco Rabanne

History has a way of repeating itself and this trend is proof of that. Fashion in the 70's blurred the boundaries between chic and effortless, and the coat that reigned this era is back. This camel color dream coat dawned on many runways this season, setting a precedent for Earth tones and fitted outerwear this Fall. Paco Rabanne styled his take on the coat with a gold-hardware belt, while Gigi Hadid modeled Chloe's traditional version of the remake. Take advantage of the neutrality this color provides and consider accessorizing with a pop of color, this is a chic way to stay warm in the colder months.

The Corset Comeback

1592290141290188 alexandermcqueen corset fallrtw201592290174015091 chloe corset fallrtw20
1592290189716492 mugler corset fallrtw20
Clockwise from top left: Alexander McQueen, Chloe, Mugler

Originally created to accentuate womanly curves, every designer from McQueen to Mugler debuted their take on the silhouette enhancing must-have. Whether worn over a thick tailoring or by itself, the sexy corset is shockingly versatile.




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