Are Running Shoes and Nylon Backpacks Prada’s Bread and Butter?

The Italian brand’s increase in revenue surprised everyone — including analysts.
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It has been no secret that Prada’s sales have been falling steadily since 2014 and this year was destined to be no different. However, according to a recent report published by the brand, Prada’s total revenue for the first half of 2018 has increased to $1.8 billion thanks to a 9.7% jump from last year. This is more than what was predicted by analysts who forecasted the income to be $1.5 billion, and the Italian label seems to have inadvertently tapped into a winning recipe for success.

What changed? In a risky move, Prada invested a significant amount into opening a series of new stores in fashionable locations and, in other places, adopting the pop-up shop model. Moreover, it seems that the surge in sales coincides with Prada’s jump into the athleisure trend with sneakers, sportswear and nylon bags being among the most popular items.

Congratulations, Miuccia!

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