Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Evan Mock Wear the Latest From Dior's Kim Jones and Shawn Stussy

Artistic Director Kim Jones created retail (and resale) madness by marrying Supreme and Louis Vuitton. Now, at Dior Men'sdior me, Jones has collabed with surf, skate and streetwear legend Shawn Stussy for a collection that has hypebeasts around the globe losing their minds. 
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Photography by Greg Lotus

Fashion by Meltem Ulker

What do Maluma, Bella Hadid, David Beckham, Gwendoline Christie, and Kim Kardashian have in common? The five celebrities were part of a lucky few who witnessed Shawn Stussy's collaboration with Dior Men hit the runway during Art Basel Miami Beach. Hadid was even wearing the new logo print, from head to toe, at the same time the internet freaking out over how to snap up a piece from this once in a lifetime partnership.

Well, the moment is here - you can now officially shop the collaboration between the Stüssy founder and Dior Artistic Director Kim Jones.

Rather than remain in retirement, streetwear icon Stussy returns to the fashion world to create a new future of streetwear with this collaboration. "I gotta keep moving forward and I feel this project with Kim and Dior for me is in that spirit," Shawn Stussy said. Stussy launched the global streetwear brand Stüssy, recognized for its graffiti-style signature, in the late 1980s, and from the get-go the brand was synonomous with the Southern California surf scene. Jones grew up wearing Stüssy, and after creating an internet-breaking collab between Supreme and Louis Vuitton while he was at the helm of the men's collections, the designer laid plans for another secret collaboration

During the creation process, the two talents blended their designs utilizing their brands' trademark pieces. "I had the classic Stussy trousers, a mock neck Stussy tee with the double's on it and a striped top with Shawn's handwork on it," Jones said. He re-envisioned this Men's collection after founder Christian Dior’s love for art and his 1947 American trip taken shortly after his success of the “New Look.” Just as the “new look” symbolized youth, energy, and newness, the runway retro-psychedelic decor replicated these concepts. The fall show’s ombré walls were covered with various Dior logos reinvented in a psychedelic graffiti calligraphy created by Stussy. The walls splashed with bright yellow settling down into a green then dark blue was meant to mirror Miami’s vibrant sunsets and ocean. This lively aesthetic correlated to the collaboration’s value toward freedom of movement, mind, and spirit - the essence of surfing and street art. 

With an emphasis on artistic freedom, Dior’s Fall 2020 Menswear is a crossover of counterculture and streetwear. "I went to Hawaii and executed the art at my home there. Kim and I went back and forth until it felt right. This back and forth led to a proper collaboration between the talent involved beyond just placing some logos on things and calling it a collaboration," Stussy said. The collection ranges from bohemian prints matched with knit sweaters with the Dior logo. Surprising its guests like British icons Kate Moss and David Beckham to Maluma and two of the Kardashian sisters, the show showcased a limited edition of Dior x Air Jordan 1 sneakers. From bucket hats to chic berets to soon to be coveted saddlebags, Stussy and Jones reimagined Dior into a youthful free-spirited image. 

Hero Fiennes Tiffin and Evan Mock were also down in Miami to take in the Dior festivities - including taking the new collection out for a sail. Tiffin, an actor, and Mock, a skateboarder-photographer, are good friends that just to happen to find themselves at fashion's most exciting events around the world. In Miami, the duo took a joy ride around the magic city, wearing the latest Shawn Stussy x Dior logo pieces. Scroll for more of the collection, which you can score for yourself today at




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