Five Essentials Every Woman Needs in Their Wardrobe

These foolproof pieces have been carefully chosen for two main reasons: they will never go out of fashion and they are appropriate for any occasion, from a simple stroll to a business meeting.
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Every person needs a versatile wardrobe that meets the demands of the day-to-day. L’Officiel spoke to Professional and Social Etiquette Consultant, Maria Inês Borges da Silveira, who has selected five pieces that are a key to any contemporary person’s wardrobe. No matter the color, the cut or the style, these pieces are made to be combined with your own personality, physique and style preferences. “The most important thing in a wardrobe is that it is unique to you and makes you feel comfortable,” according to the expert. Check it out!



Be it silk, wool, fringed or classic, a pashmina will always add an elegant touch to an outfit. Not to mention that it’s a great and easy piece to carry around in a bag or car for those moments where you need an extra layer of warmth.

Dress Shirts


This piece matches with almost everything from classic trousers and jeans, to skirts and shorts. Our only advice would be to ensure that the colors being combined work well together.



Classic, elegant and practical, this piece goes with jeans, straight or pencil skirts, long trousers, and dresses—even more so when they’re in a neutral color.

Black Pant/Skirt Suit


This is another timeless classic, ideal for rendezvous' and business meetings alike.



Knee-length and in a solid or neutral color, this piece will be there for you through a plethora of dinners, graduations, and more sober events. A good tip would be to combine it with accessories to complete the look.

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