This Dog Outshone Adrian Brody in Mango’s Latest Campaign

The actor has been a long-time lover of both animals and fashion. Now, his two loves collide.
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Without any announcement or teasers, Billie Eilish released a new single this afternoon featuring Khalid. "lovely" premiered on Zane Lowe's World Record on Beats, accompanied by a short video call with the 16-year-old singer as she talked about how the song came to fruition (in her cool-girl attitude, of course). "We called it that because the song is sort of like really, frickin' depressing, so then it's like 'oh, how lovely,'" said Eilish to Lowe. 

The alt-pop artist also shared a Spotify playlist video where her and Khalid are trapped in a glass cube, wearing all black outfits and chained accessories (how lovely). 

Listen to the new single, below: 


Let out your claws and reconnect with your predatory impulses with elegance - this is the promise of the new Panthère de Cartier collection. Both powerful and hypnotic, the collection's pieces have been redesigned using clean lines and voluminous graphics. To withstand such exceptional pieces, sometimes refined, sometimes ornamented to the extreme, we have created blinding and impenetrable armor that allows you to reconnect with your seductive and primitive side, all signed by the Cartier paw.

Red-handed in Cactus de Cartier - THE OFFICIAL



"Imperfections" - Céline Dion 

Let’s talk about Céline Dion, shall we? “Imperfections” is an honest, feel-good jam and I will be listening to it on repeat for the next two weeks, probably. The Canadian queen has blessed us with a handful of singles in advance of her latest album, Courage, which is set for release on November 15. She’s also currently on a world tour for the next year, so do yourself a favor and go see her perform live when she descends from her heavenly cloud and graces your city with her presence.

Photo via Instagram / @celinedion

"Point of No Return" by Exposé


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