How To Style Animal Prints This Fall

Showing the power of embracing your wild side, animal prints are gracing the runways yet again.
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Animal print continues its reign of the fashion jungle this fall, and from the looks that dominated runway resort shows, it seems certain to continue trending for some time to come.

The nature-inspired look has made its way into fashion as far back as the 18th century. At its start, it became popular because of its potential for giving those who wear it a sense of power and an elevated status of wealth and luxury. It saw a rise in popularity in the US during the turbulent 1960s and garnered larger prominence in '70s and '80s fashion as it took over dresses, leggings, and various accessories amidst a growing preference for a bolder style.

Animal prints have been on trend for quite a while now, and after scouring the runways of Gucci, Saint Laurent, Paco Rabanne, and many more, it's clear that Fall 2019's most popular animal prints are zebra stripes, snakeskin, tiger stripes, and leopard spots. But while all of the above may spark memories of familiar styling from decades past or even last year, designers have created new ways to wear the prints that will have them feeling as fresh (and wild) as ever. See some of the most fun ways to spice up your animal look below.


1. Layering

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Paco Rabanne Fall 2019 RTW • Versace Pre-Fall 2019

First, a popular styling method for this season's animal prints is to simply layer them on top of each other. Don't be afraid to mix your favorite animal prints together: for instance, you could match snakeskin boots with a leopard print top, and the right combination will have you looking chic instead of clashy. Paco Rabanne and Versace both employed this technique to form unique, stylish combinations perfect for a cold day or a party, viewable in the photos above.

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Paco Rabanne Fall 2019 RTW • Anna Sui Fall 2019 RTW
1566329681097347 zimmermann fall 20191566329681343529 022
Zimmermann Fall 2019 RTW • Gucci Spring/Summer 2019

Another way to rock the trend is to take note from the animals who inspired it and simply wear it all over. After all, if each piece creates a powerful feeling and aura of fierce authority, this effect can only get stronger if the look is all you have on. In such a case, rocking it as a statement piece from head-to-toe is a pretty wild idea. 


3. Colorful Reimagination

1566329681673989 00006 victor glemaud resort 2020 credit kevin tachman1566329682010414 rob3 2
Victor Glemaud Resort 2020 • Roberto Cavalli Fall 2019 RTW

Ever since '80s and '90s inspiration made its way back into fashion's heart, bold colors have been an endless trend on runways everywhere. To this end, brands have also switched up the usual natural animal print colors (e.g. the classic black and white for zebra prints), presenting an array of these prints in bold and striking colors from deep pinks to bright yellows, greens to blues, and so on. This kills two birds with one stone if you want to add a pop of color to your outfit while simultaneously rocking a bold animal print.  


4. Tortoiseshell Accessories 

1566329684679556 cult gaia brown ark small tortoiseshell tote bag 12971129 14263148 800
Cult Gaia Brown Arc Small Tortoiseshell Tote Bag

With several ways to style the core of your outfit above, the next step is to top off your exotic looks with some animal print accessories. After a sharp and increasing surge of Pinterest searches this year, the accessories print of the moment is undoubtedly tortoiseshell. While it's commonly present in the jewelry sphere in the form of earrings, pendants, and bracelets, it also makes for a popular design for bags and sunglasses. Check out the unique arc-shaped bag with a tortoiseshell print from Cult Gaia, which has more than likely been present in some of the summery Instagram photos you've liked, above.  



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