Cartier Unveils a New Handbag Inspired By its Iconic Jewelry Boxes

The box bag has never looked more luxurious.
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If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then the box that they come in has to be extra special. Cartier knows this very well, as any recipient of its iconic red octagonal jewelry box would tell you. They'd also be delighted to know that the Maison has transformed that beloved box into something a little more than a keepsake. 

Enter the Guirlande De Cartier handbag. Much like Cartier's jewelry case, the box bag stands out from all the others: it features a geometric form made up of 8 clean-cut sides, assembled together with smooth calfskin leather in rich shades of red, green or black. To top it all off, the bag's façade is adorned with a gold frieze trimming that gives it a nice, regal touch.

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As it is, the Guirlande De Cartier makes for a great piece of arm candy to tote around, but the handbag also comes with a detachable leather strap for days when you'd like to flaunt it while on the go. You can also choose between the mini, small and medium sizes.

Discover the Guirlande De Cartier handbag collection below:


The Guirlande De Cartier handbag collection will be available in Cartier stores from March. 

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