Louis Vuitton's AirPod Earrings: Crazy or Brilliant?

If there is one thing Louis Vuitton is good at, it's making controversial accessories desirable.
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When Apple first released their now highly coveted AirPods in 2016, they were mockingly compared to big cotton buds (admit it, you thought so too). But the tide changed, and like most Apple products, AirPods started a new trend: wearable technology. Celebrities like Kristen Stewart and David Beckham were consistently spotted wearing the headphones like they were a new jewelry trend, and it wasn’t soon before the flood of glowing reviews rolled in. Chances are in 2017, much like everyone else, you took back your criticism about the new tech and bought your own pair. 

The new wireless headphones were suddenly cool. Louis Vuitton, the fashion house that also doubles as a trend radar, realized that too, and in early 2019 announced, in collaboration with the New York audio company, Master & Dynamic, that they were branding the popular AirPods with the famous LV monogram. Priced at nearly $1,200, it wasn’t a widespread success. However, in early 2020, the French fashion house created its own take on the Bluetooth headphones with their Horizon earphones. Available in black, white and red monogrammed styles, and yellow and blue LV stripes, the styles paid homage to the brand’s heritage while giving it a more modern look. 

And once again, following the LV earphones, came a new wave of wearable designer technology as creatives at Louis Vuitton were given the green light to create earrings for your AirPods. Yes, you read that correctly. The brand is creating gold ‘earrings,’ that according to sources will be created in a myriad of different lengths and styles. Made of gold and ornate pendants with the LV logo dangling off the gold chains, the new earrings will be priced at $350. A small price to pay if you’re dedicated to elevating your AirPods game to an even higher level of chic, as technology becomes fashion. 


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