Louis Vuitton Unveils Its Latest It-Bag, LV Pont 9

The new carefully crafted LV bag is in the spotlight as Instagram influencers show their love for the new it bag
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In the Hauts-de-Seine, the creative heart of Louis Vuitton beats. In the middle of a lush garden, the expert hands of hundreds of craftsmen work intricately on bags and accessories that fashion lovers around the world are snatching up. Among these haute couture creations, the new LV Pont 9 bag has been crafted, a loving reference to the oldest bridge in Paris, Pont Neuf, which rests aside Louis Vuitton's Headquarters. The purse itself is a true testament to the quality leather craftsmanship of the trunk makers at LV. The proof in six stages.


A sophisticated process, the realization of this dream bag consists of multiple elaborate steps, with no less than six people involved in the making of this new it-bag. First, a technical expert prepares the pattern and the manufacturing process, including the alignment of the curved parts, which in itself is a difficult technical feature to execute. Then comes the meticulous selection of the exterior leather, tanned in Italy, which is then cut. The scraps eventually become small leather goods and accessories. Nothing is lost here. A preparation technician will then ensure delicate slits are made in the leather along with the development of the lining, as well as the installation of reinforcements.

A leather worker then completes the assembly, while the stitching is entrusted to a machinist. Finally, comes the time for a rigorous final inspection. The bag is examined from every angle, up to the circular monogram. Used since the 1930s for trunk locks, the classic LV monogram has just been redefined by Nicolas Ghesquière and conceals the magnetic clasp. Another specificity, for the first time, the interior lining is entirely made of smooth, colored calfskin.

In addition to the neutral black and cream tones, the bag comes in an elegant palette of color choices, from the sunset "Summer Gold" to the bouquet of roses, "Rose Dalhia," to the sleek "Bleu Orage." If life is a journey, we hope these delicately crafted dreams are our luggage.

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For some styling inspiration for LV's new it bag, influencers from around the world have taken to Instagram to join us in our love for LV Pont 9. Grab some style inspiration as these influencers and many more share their carefullly styled looks in all shades of the latest Louis Vuitton purse. 

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