From Boho Chic to Black Birkins: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s Most Iconic Style Moments

From child actresses to award winning fashion designers, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have always known how to rock a look.
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Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, 1993

Starting their successful careers at just one year old, everyone's favorite twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, have been style icons from the very beginning. The actresses rose to fame as they doubled up playing Michelle Tanner on Full House, and continued inspiring kids everywhere as they took their twindom to the big screen, and even solved a few mysteries in their own book series. While the inseperable sisters may not be acting anymore, their fashion influence remains on the red carpet and through their high-end womenswear brand The Row. Here are some of the twins' best looks through the years, solidifying them as style icons in every decade.  

Full House Promo in 1993

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Mary-Kate and Ashley have been known to take twinning to the next level from the start of their careers, shown here as they adorably pose in their matching floral overalls.  

It Takes Two Premiere in 1995

1590614672338243 mary kate ashley olsen april 1997

While supermodels like Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner rock skinny sunglasses today, here's photo proof that Mary-Kate and Ashley actually invented the trend, while also modeling powerful matching sets. Paco Rabanne SS19, anyone?

Premiere of Alaska in 1996


These complimentary classic '90s style fits show just how versatile the Olsen twins can be. With those Blossom inspired hats, Mary-Kate and Ashley once again demonstrate how they dominated the trends of this decade.  

ABC's Fall Kickoff in 1998


With their matching hair clips and platform wedges, we're just glad the twins color coded their slip dresses for the night and made it a little easier for us to tell them apart. 

Premiere of Anna and the King in 1999

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Only the Olsen Twins could rock what seem to be pashminas as skirts to the premiere of this Jodie Foster flick. Still, with their matching strappy shoes and totally '90s 'dos, the stylish duo prove they are masters of the art of coordination. 

Our Lips Are Sealed 2000


Reminiscent of Yves Saint Laurent's Mondrian dress of the 60s, Mary-Kate and Ashley show off their style prowess in front of the Sydney Opera House for one of their popular twin adventure films, Our Lips Are Sealed

Winning London 2001

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Perhaps the beginning of the twins' notorious boho chic era, the Olsens layer it up in these 70s-inspired fits perfect for chilly London weather to promote Winning London.   

New York Minute 2004

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Possibly everyone's favorite MK & Ashley movie, New York Minute was a eclectic collection of early 2000s trends, and the Olsen twins prove they can rock any style. 

Walk of Fame in 2004

1591030403015892 2004 walk of fame

Moving beyond their iconic matching phase, Mary-Kate and Ashley received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2004, which also appears to be the beginning of the twins' soft smiles for the paparazzi. 

The Met Gala in 2005

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This is the Olsen twins' first appearance at the Met Gala, and their looks have only gotten more iconic each year. Here, the twins truly start to develop their individual styles as Mary-Kate rocked Auburn locks and a vintage boho gown and Ashley stunned in an Oscar de la Renta dress and blonde, beachy waves.  

Tribute to Tim Burton at the MoMA in 2009


In honor of recent viral images of Mary-Kate and Ashley mistreating their Birkins, we had to honor just how long this über stylish pair has been rocking the legendary bags, in black, of course.

Fashion's Night Out in 2009

1591030462629433 david x prutting patrickmcmullan

Proving they could be successful in any career, Mary-Kate and Ashley drew in a crowd at Fashion's (First) Night Out as they tended bar at Bergdorf Goodman. Is there anything more stylish than that?

Opening of Le Comte Ory in 2011


Through it all, the Olsen twins have always known how to rock a pair of sunglasses. Stunning in YSL at the New York opening of the opera Le Comte Ory, Mary-Kate and Ashley have come a long way from their bright, coordinating outfits of the 1990s.

CFDA Awards in 2012

1591030528992392 mary kate and ashley olsen

Six years after founding their luxury label The Row, Mary-Kate and Ashley took home the prestigious CFDA award for Womenswear Designer of the Year. While the twins rock totally different styles, we love seeing their classic tight-knit twin pose. 

The Met Gala in 2017

1591196868972243 2017 met gala

While these intricately styled looks may not have fit the Met Gala's theme this year, honoring Rei Kawakubo and Comme des Garcons, they were unapologetically eclectic in these dramatic outfits, marking a total style evolution for the twins. Could you imagine the Olsens wearing these in the 90s? 

Street Style in 2017

1596570032628075 screen shot 2020 08 04 at 3.39.17 pm

Clad in head-to-toe neutrals, the Olsens step out carrying to-go coffee cups, which have become a staple accessory in their everyday wardrobe. 

The Met Gala in 2019

1591196392156949 mary kate ashley olsen dresses met gala 2019

Matching in leather, while their outfits may not be the definition of "Camp," they are certainly unique to Mary-Kate and Ashley's now signature dark and minimalist style.  

Street Style in 2020

1596569906717588 screen shot 2020 08 04 at 3.36.45 pm

Always expertly bundled for NYC weather, this classic Olsen twin street style moment came just a few months before we all had to bundle up for quarantine

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