These are the 15 Most Outrageous Fashion Collections of the Decade

From fast food at Moschino to Yeezy's Madison Square Garden extravaganza, these are the most over-the-top collections of the 2010s.
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The 2010s in fashion have been a trip, home to pregnant models, fake heads, and platform faux Crocs. Designers like Rihanna and Kanye West broke through into the scene. Chanel crashers, babies, and puppies graced the runway. These are just a few of the wildest fashion moments of the last decade, one that's been full of outrageous and over-the-top collections, runway shows, and extravagant designs. (Alongside the proliferation of Instagram culture, did we really expect anything less?) Brands like Moschino and Louis Vuitton showcased some of the most extreme designs we've ever seen, making their mark on fashion forever.

The 2019 Met Gala even gave a nod to the ornamented and elaborate history of fashion with its theme, "Camp: Notes on Fashion." From Lady Gaga's multi-part transformation to Cardi B's luxurious dress train, this year's theme spotlighted the over-the-top nature of fashion. After all, what is couture if not extra? As 2019 comes to a close, we reflected on 15 of the most over-the-top (and often campy) moments from the runway over the past decade. To remember when Gigi Hadid dressed as a bouquet of flowers or when models wore literal balloons, check out our list below.

Moschino Fall 2014

In one of the most memorable collections in fashion history, Jeremy Scott made his debut at Moschino with a series of food-inspired looks for Fall 2014. McDonald’s and Hershey’s were two mouth-watering motifs that made their way into the collection, which ironically included a gown printed with nutritional information. Anyone else hungry?


Gucci Fall 2018

In a move that rocked the fashion world, Gucci created replicas of models’ heads — hair and all — for them to carry like handbags down the runway. Whether you were grossed out or impressed by their lifeless, identical plastic faces, there’s no denying that the presentation of Gucci’s Fall 2018 collection was one of the most over-the-top moments of the decade. 

Yeezy Season 3 (2016)

Held at Madison Square Garden, Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 3 collection was a show-stopping testament to the rapper and designer’s showmanship. West’s models included fellow rappers Lil Yachty, Ian Connor, and Young Thug, adding some star power to the show. The show also functioned as an album release party, as West debuted his long-awaited project, The Life of Pablo, making it an event for the ages.


Moncler Genius

Moncler’s now-iconic trench puffers and printed vests are among the most intriguing fashion moments of the decade. Over the past year, the likes of Ezra Miller and Pharrell have pushed boundaries by wearing Moncler x Pierpaolo Piccioli coats, now one of the most recognizable silhouettes in fashion. The first Moncler Genius collaboration, which features a collection from Piccioli, makes for a truly memorable display of artistic innovation.

Comme des Garçons Fall 2012

Comme des Garçons perfected the two-dimensional with their Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear collection, one that featured dozens of flat, felted looks that wouldn’t look out of place in a coloring book or aside paper dolls. Bright pinks and reds accentuate the construction paper vibes of the pieces, making a very campy statement that doesn’t fall flat (pun intended).

Comme des Garçons Spring 2018

Imagine the floor of a four-year-old girl’s bedroom, and that’s what Comme des Garçons’ Spring 2018 collection embodies, in the best way. Models walked with Hello Kitty tins, alligator toys, and ribbons, both in their hair and stuck to huge, asymmetrical red dresses. Some looks even featured Giuseppe Arcimboldo's vegetable faces, sending everyone who took an introductory art history class into a flashback. Needless to say, the collection embodies both the childlike and the obscure, two of the best kinds of over-the-top.


Viktor and Rolf Spring 2019 Couture

“I’m not shy, I just don’t like you.” “No photos please.” “Sorry I’m late, I didn’t want to come.” These are just a few of the very quotable sentences plastered on tulle gowns in Viktor and Rolf's Spring 2019 couture collection. Neon greens and pinks dotted the runway, but so did some rather brash messages, making for a very eyebrow-raising (and maybe eye-rolling) fashion moment.

Balenciaga Spring 2018

Featured in Balenciaga’s Spring 2018 collection was a pair of shoes that people still can't stop talking about over two years later—yellow and pink platform faux Crocs. The $850 rubber shoes took a luxury spin on the '00s classic, even featuring Balenciaga’s take on Jibbitz (Crocs’ name for the shoe charms that can decorate their many holes, in case you forgot). Nearly two years later, they’re still sold out online.


Moschino Spring 2018

Moschino Spring 2018 was a scene-chic, fruity, floral fantasy. It was so many different things, it’s hard to pick which one stood out the most. From fishnets, tutus, and My Little Pony-inspired tops to Midsommar-esque floral dresses gone as literal as possible, the collection makes several outrageous statements that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. Do you see Gigi Hadid dressed as a bouquet?

Tod’s Fall 2018

Puppy-carrying models walked down the runway in Tod’s Fall 2018 collection, a super cute pairing for the set of neutral-toned looks. Not sure how any show could ever top Gigi Hadid carrying a baby French bulldog, tbh.


Pat McGrath/Valentino Spring 2019 Couture

Pat McGrath worked her magic for Valentino’s floral-themed Spring 2019 couture collection, affixing floral, feathered lashes to the faces of the models. Beige, black, and purple lashes paired with minimal makeup made their own memorable statements alongside the floral-inspired gowns.


Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014

For his last Louis Vuitton show in Spring/Summer 2014, Marc Jacobs made one of his most dramatic statements ever. Models wore sprawling black headpieces and donned bejeweled tops, feathery jackets, and mesh bodysuits on the runway, which featured a black fountain. A close second - Kate Moss walking the Louis Vuitton runway in 2011, lit cigarette in hand.


Marc Jacobs Fall 2016

Lady Gaga and Kendall Jenner took to the Marc Jacobs runway, towering in major platform heels and oversized trench coats. Gaga, who’s no stranger to wearing platforms that are almost as tall as she is, stole the show in dark makeup and bleach-blonde hair. The heels were overwhelmingly the focal point of the Fall 2016 collection, one that united the best elements of goth fashion.

Fredrik Tjaerandsen Spring 2019

Ever wanted to dress as a bubble? Here’s your chance! Taking home the L’Oréal Young Talent Professionel Award in Spring 2019, Fredrik Tjaerandsen created avant-garde balloons that deflated around the models inside them. Is there anything more captivating than watching videos of Tjaerandsen’s creations on a loop?



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