Looking Back at Sharon Tate's Fashion Legacy

Amidst renewed pop cultural interest in her life (and death), the actress' iconic '60s style continues to influence modern fashion trends.
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Considered one of the greatest icons in 1960s Hollywood, Sharon Tate became famous not only for her acting career but also for her unforgettable style, which continues to influence fashion even 50 years after her death. With Margot Robbie playing her in Quentin Tarantino's new dramedy Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood (which comes just a few months after Hilary Duff's portrayal in the less-successful-but-still-notable The Haunting of Sharon Tate), Tate's style is resurfacing via a wave of refreshed '60s aesthetics. Below, learn how the actress' signature look is finding new interpretations on the silver screen as well as on and off the runway.

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Sharon Tate (Photo: Getty Images)

Tate preferred to keep a simplistic look, but never without some exquisite and powerful touches. The mini skirt, a new phenomenon during the actress' time after Mary Quant popularized it for a rebellious new youth culture, was one of her wardrobe staples. It remains a fashion favorite today, and of course, Robbie wears the style in Tarantino's feature film in the spirit of chic historical accuracy.


Another regular fixture in Tate's closet was the minidress. Always one to take a style to new heights, the actress rocked the trend in more casual, T-shirt versions as well as more exquisite and nautical interpretations.

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Sharon Tate (Photo: Getty Images)
1565620096618942 sharon margot
Margot Robbie playing Sharon Tate (Photo: Reproduction)

Beyond simply influencing with her clothing, Tate had a striking beauty look. With defined eyeliner and killer false lashes that have never met their match, this standout look became a late '60s staple thanks to the actress as well as other icons of the time like Twiggy.


Tate's hair also was the real definition of '60s aesthetics, and she often styled it in a voluminous pin-up style similar to Brigitte Bardot's. The look has since come back in several fashion shows, such as Valentino's eclectic Fall 2018 couture collection and Anna Sui's tribute to the fashion dreams of her youth.

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Sharon Tate (Photo: Getty Images)

However, Tate was also one to rock a contrasting boho style, as another iconic hair look of hers was the braids she wore to the Cannes Film Festival in 1968. This past May, Robbie recreated the look in tribute as she promoted her portrayal of the late icon at the same Côte d'Azur cinematic event, over 50 years later. The undone detail gently frames each actress' face to give a casual and delicate look.



1565620097135398 1563288595773599 margot robbie chanel 6
Margot Robbie with Sharon Tate's boho look (Photo: Press Release / Chanel)

See more of Tate's 1960s style and modern reinterpretations in the photos below.

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Sharon Tate (Photo: Getty Images)
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Jacquemus (Photo: Disclosure)
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Sharon Tate (Photo: Getty Images)
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Prada and Miu Miu (Photo: Press Release)
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Sharon Tate (Photo: Getty Images)



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