Stella McCartney's Winter 2019 Ad Campaign Puts Climate Change at the Forefront

The campaign #AgentsforChange once again draws awareness to fashion's role in climate change.
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Stella McCartney has been pivoting towards sustainable fashion, a response to the highly disposable "fast fashion" critiqued by environmentalists and human rights advocates alike, for the past decade, with her most recent Winter 2019 ad campaign partnering with members of Extinction Rebellion to raise awareness about climate change. The environmental activist collective describes themselves as "an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimize the risk of social collapse."

The campaign focuses on its use of recyclable and sustainable materials such as organic cotton, "fur-free fur," and a new recycled thread which uses melted plastic to create a synthetic fabric. In a preview for the campaign, McCartney asked activists, models, and followers for their "five ways to save the world." 

On Instagram, the campaign comes with the hashtags #NoPlanetB and #AgentsforChange, and will feature voiceover from renowned scientist Jane Goodall in an upcoming short film set to release in September. 

"In an era of climate crisis, action is more important than ever," one post reads. "Our campaign features a cast of change agents as we stand together for our planet.⁣⁣"

Shot by Johnny Dufort with hair and make up by Gary Gill and Thomas DeKluyver respectively, the new ad campaign presents the models in modest yet sleek silhouettes, showing off the collection amidst the greens and grays of the Welsh coast. The campaign is meant to "remind us of the beauty of nature and what we need to do to protect it."

Stella McCartney has been a leader in sustainable, environmentally-conscious fashion since 2001, as the first vegetarian luxury brand. Since then, the company has announced several partnerships in the past several years with technology companies developing recycled ocean plastic shoes and yarn made from recovered fishing nets.

As of yet, it's unclear whether any proceeds from the campaign will go towards environmental action or conservation efforts. 

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