Van Cleef & Arpels Unveils A New Perlée Collection

The high jewelry maison will shake up your luxe accessories routine with these colorful and innovative creations.
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Need a trendy new statement jewelry piece, but only looking to make an investment in something incredibly luxurious? Van Cleef & Arpels has introduced a new Perlée collection full of an eclectic mix of bright colors that bring fresh life to the maison's famous gold beading. Perlée designs have been a tradition at the high jewelry brand since 2008, although gold beads have been part of their designs as far back as the 1920s. The new collection includes a new pendant, secret watches (scroll down to see what we mean), rings, and earrings, all of which use carefully selected diamonds and hard stones. Reflecting Van Cleef & Arpels' savoir-faire, craftspeople intricately shape and polish the beading by hand, creating a glimmering work of art that will stand out in any luxe situation. Learn more about the collection and fall in love with each colorful new addition below. 

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The Perlée couleurs transformable long necklace is a golden jaw-dropper comprising a shimmering chain and a pendant with a three-ringed design featuring the brand's gold beading. As its name suggests, a special feature of the necklace is that you can adapt its look as you see fit. To switch up the style, replace the pendant's central ring, which originally comes in the signature gold, with an eye-catching turquoise, coral, or onyx, giving you plenty of options to match the look to every outfit.

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On top of the elegant transformable necklaces, Van Cleef & Arpels also released the Perlée secret watches, exciting new timepieces that showcase the maison's high craftsmanship and extreme attention to detail. The gold structure and pendant are made in France, while the dials and movements come from Switzerland, so the watches as a whole reflect Van Cleef & Arpels' combination of French and Swiss savoir-faire.

At first glance, these watches appear as classy bracelets or fashionable pendants. In the case of the bracelets, the pieces take after the "toi et moi" jewelry style and comprise two mother-of-pearl motifs with circles of diamonds. True to its playful theme, these watches are available in a multitude of varied colorways: a large green malachite motif works in contrast to a smaller coral motif and a pink gold bangle, a blue lapis lazuli motif fittingly comes together with a diamond motif and yellow gold bangle, and finally a rose gold bangle finds its sparkle with dazzling, diamond-embellished motifs. Check out the secret watch bracelets below, and get ready to shock onlookers when you tell the time with your chic new piece.

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The rose gold, diamond-embellished secret watches also come in pendant form, so you can tell the time on your necklace. Referencing 17th-century European watches, these pendants are pieces you won't want to miss.

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Matching sets of pendants, earrings, and rings are main features of the collection as well, making it easy to have a put-together luxury look. These Perlée couleur creations feature cabochons of hard stones set within the iconic golden bead frame. They appear in several regal tones including warm yellow gold and malachite, white gold and bright turquoise, and ever-trendy rose gold and lustrous carnelian. Take a look at the sets below, and prepare for some Instagram-ready coordination.


Last but definitely not least, the Perlée diamonds collection introduces three sparkling rings. The maximalist beaded band comes in yellow, white, and rose gold, with each colorway featuring a shimmering center row of diamonds. Slide one of these on your finger and you're sure to blow everyone away with your modern glamour.

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