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45 Production Companies Agreed To Promote Transgender People In Film

Representation (and accurate ones at that) have been severely lacking in the industry.
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45 production companies from the entertainment industry have signed an open letter in which they pledge to ensure that transgender people are more fully and more correctly represented in film. The letter was created by two non-profit organizations that have been active in the struggle for representation in both private and public spheres: GLAAD and 50/50 by 2020.

“By now, we hope that you [the entertainment industry] have understood that you cannot do a project about people of color without their participation. Purely distributing transgender roles to cisgender actors reinforces the false stereotype that transgender people simply disguise themselves in someone else’s clothes,” the open letter reads.

CAA, ICM Partners, UTA, WME and the production companies of Ava DuVernay, J.J. Abrams, and Norman Lear are just a few of the many who signed under the declaration of commitment.

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