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Instant classic for day and night

A versatile bag in sleek calfskin in clean and elegant lines expresses the timeless design codes of Giorgio Armani.

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Giorgio Armani
Cross-body Bag
Giorgio Armani
Cross-body Bag

By Anaïs Conijn

In fashion, there are those that strive to express their time, and those that express the timeless. Where the first arguably push the envelope trying to capture the moment, the zeitgeist, in their designs, the latter resist succumbing to fashion’s every whim to present something more constant and reliable. 


Giorgio Armani, a true industry veteran at his 84 years old, certainly falls in the latter category. One could argue, in a day and age where we cycle so rapidly from one fad to the next, expressing a constant and true design vision throughout the ages takes all the more guts. Unlike some other Italian luxury brands Giorgio Armani remains an independently run and truly Italian company, very much still helmed by the man himself. He has suggested he will continue to do so until his death, citing economic independence as a prerequisite for true creative freedom. And so we’ve come to recognise Armani’s designs for their sleek lines and clean elegance, their classic timelessness. 


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Giorgio Armani Crossbody bags

This calf skin cross body bag is a contemporary culmination of those design codes. It features the embossed GA logo, a tongue-in-cheek ‘now you see it, now you don’t’ play on Giorgio Armani’s initials captured both boldly and subtly in a circle shape. The bag combines sleek, almost geometrical elegance with adaptability and wearability: its leather adjustable shoulder strap detaches easily to swop a casual day look for a more evening on the town look when carried by its golden chain. It’s available in six colours, so good luck on choosing just the one!



Product Credits: Giorgio Armani