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Post-waste jewellery for the techno-chic tribe

Infused with a little primal magic, Italian accessory designers OGM make a post-waste universe spring to life with its charmed creatures from recycled aluminium

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OGM Plant
Primal bracelet
OGM Plant
Primal bracelet

By Anaïs Conijn

We live in a world where we are no longer born into, but choose our own tribe. We’re no longer handed our symbols, we have to forge our own. We weave our own nets of meaning and even when we’re taught not to, we sprinkle them with a little primal magic. Italian design accessory brand OGM have created a two-dimensional universe populated with charms in which industrial soul merges with a dreamlike spirit.

Tapping into the collective consciousness that resists wastefulness and embraces a sustainable lifestyle, OGM playfully transform waste materials into a unique line of unisex jewellery. The little creatures that emerge from the wastelands are a modern take on a primal spirit world.

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OGM Plant Primal Bracelet

Ironic smiley

The primal necklace and bracelet sport the signature OGM charm, an ironic take on the smiley that reveals the three letters of its brand name in its face. But make no mistake, this smiley has a bit of a bite: the expressive power of recycled materials forged through industrial processes endow these charms with a totemic power. It is the same whimsical sense of humour that breathes life into the flying dachshunds chain. After all, what does it take to make a sausage dog take wing? Just a little imagination.



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'Primal' braclet, metal with recycled aluminium charm.