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Skin on skin

Straddle the divide between cool and cozy in a pair of Max & Moi’s sumptuous leather leggings

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Max et Moi
Leggings Rusto
Max et Moi
Leggings Rusto

By Anaïs Conijn

It’s the prime example of effortless cool and chic: a well-fitted pair of leather pants. Coupled with an oversized jumper or a sleek silk top or even just a plain white T-shirt, no matter the circumstance, they’re the stylish star of any situation. 


But let’s be honest, tis the season to stay in and curl up in the comfiest corner of the couch, in our well-worn-in leggings, wrapped in a fluffy cardigan and hugging a steaming cup of tea. The very idea of hoisting ourselves into a pair of unyielding leather pants seems about as impossible as reaching the TV remote lying just there on the coffee table. If it were up to some of us, we’d never move another inch. Visions of rocking out are just a daydream conjured up from our comfort zone.


But who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? These Max & Moi Rusto Leggings are 100% of the softest, supplest lambskin. They will truly hug your legs and still move with you so you will be as comfortable in them as you are in your own skin. So go on, get up and get off that couch. You don’t even have to change, just throw on a pair of heels and strut!

Max & Moi is a collaborative label from French designer Sylvie Simah and historic furrier and leather manufacturer, Lederer. Combining heritage craftsmanship with contemporary design, the ready-to-wear line offers exquisite outerwear and apparel, crafted from only the finest natural materials. From suede trench coats and rabbit fur jackets to elegant silk dresses and soft cashmere sweaters, each piece is testament to the brand’s superb attention to detail, trusted quality and unbridled passion for luxury. Sumptuous fabrics, muted colour palettes and relaxed silhouettes coalesce to form fresh and feminine collections, instantly elevating the modern woman’s wardrobe.

Legging 'Rusto' in black, made in stretch leather, 100% lambskin, MAX & MOI.


Photography Ruben de Wilde

Styling Koen T. Hendriks (Eric Elenbaas Agency)

Hair & Makeup Kathinka Gernant (Unspoken Agency)

Model Daphne Simons (Models Rock Agency)