Kiddy Smile Had Breakfast With L’Officiel Paris

Between the release of his first album ‘One Trick Pony’ and the release of Gaspar Noé’s new film ‘Climax,’ this young Parisian stands out as one of the most fascinating people on the 2018 pop scene.
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What time does your alarm ring?

Very early: 6.45 AM on weekdays and 9 AM on weekends. But it’s just because I like working out in the morning! Especially when the streets are still deserted either in the morning or in the middle of the night. Love that.


What’s the first move you make when you wake up?

Grab my phone to stop the alarm…although I often wake up before it rings. The older I get, the less sleep I need. I feel like I only need about six hours a night. My first thought would probably be, “What am I going to eat this morning?”


What’s your daily menu like?

Before working out, I usually eat a banana and down a multi-vitamin fruit juice. When I get home, I cook a big breakfast. After a long time opting for the sweet stuff, I’m gradually moving towards the salty: I eat scrambled eggs with a little truffle oil, sometimes a club sandwich…always with an orange juice and sometimes a cappuccino.


Your go-to Parisian place?

I’ve only just discovered the breakfasts at the Grand Armour Hotel. Otherwise, I’m a fan of Holybelly – a trulyl excellent American breakfast. For lovers of generous brunches, I would recommend the Providence Hotel and the Mama Shelter.

What’s the story behind your first album?

I wanted it to be a very personal testimony that, hopefully, makes people feel less isolated. Being black, gay, big, very tall (I’m 1.98 metres) and not really being represented in the media or in pop culture in general, I had trouble building myself growing up. How could I have learned to love myself when all that’s being shown everywhere is a white Prince Charming?


What was it like to film with Gaspar Noé?

Gaspar gave me a lot of confidence. It was a crazy project, shooting a film like Climax in two weeks. Everything was improv! At the time, I barely realized that it would be such an important film.

'One Trick Pony' by Kiddy Smile (Defected Records) will be released August 31. 'Climax' by Gaspar Noé will be released on September 19.

Photography: Tom de Peyret
Location: The Grand Amour Hotel

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