Alexander Skarsgård is a Spy on a Mission in Tumi's New Luggage Campaign

The dapper globetrotter traverses land, sea, and sky with his trusty Tumi Latitude in tow.
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Emmy-award winning Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgård stars in the new campaign video for Tumi's lightest luggage to date, the Latitude collection. The short film has all the makings of a spy thriller: suave, mysterious man in a suit, secret mission, gorgeous female love interest, various terrains across the continents and the all-important package containing some kind of treasure. 


Starting off in Tolna, Hungary, the True Blood, Big Little Lies and The Legend of Tarzan star takes his trusty Tumi on an epic journey around the world, via almost every means of transport imaginable.

He arrives in Lake Como, Italy, in a speedboat and casually uses his Tumi as a fender when mooring at the dock. On the next leg of his journey, he drives with the suitcase strapped atop a car and then flies with it in a vintage propeller plane to Cougar Mountain, Washington. That's not all — the tough Tumi survives a journey trifecta of train rides, rolling around in the back of a van and propped atop a camelback in a sandstorm to Bürd, Mongolia, after which Skarsgärd finally returns to Hungary at the end of his secret mission.


It's clear that the Latitude is built to go the distance. Made with Tumi's innovative Self-Reinforced Poly-Propylene (SRPP Ballistic), an ultra-durable material that is both lightweight and incredibly strong, the luxurious yet hardy luggage shows off its mettle in the video below.

Tumi Latitude

Watch the full film here.


The Tumi Latitude collection is available from August at Tumi retail stores and on The luggage come in black, navy and silver and range from carry-on to check-in sizes. 

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