Have You Met the New Givenchy Gentleman?

A signature from 1975, Givenchy revives the Givenchy Gentleman with a new look, scent and feel – just in time for a festive spritz.
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Givenchy fragrances for him have always been some of our top favourites and now, it is time to meet a new Givenchy creation for our gents' indulgence – Gentleman Givenchy.

Not to be mistaken with its " Givenchy Gentlemen Only" and "Givenchy Gentleman" series, the new Gentleman Givenchy fragrance is a new creation inspired by a classic Givenchy men's fragrance from 1975.

The Scent

While its predecessor from the '70s was a scent inspired by the Couture era featuring a blend of patchouli and spices that boasts of pure masculinity and exclusivity, the new Gentleman Givenchy is a completely changed man (so to speak).

Made for the 21st-century man, the Gentleman Givenchy features an unexpected touch of floralto bring out the sensitive side of the modern day gent.

Dubbed the "woody floral fougère fragrance", the new scent highlights patchouli-leatheraccord that is accented with hints of lavender, noble iris and sweet pear.

The result? A sophisticated, seductive and empowering scent designed to showcase the many sides of a gent's personality.

The Man

And to front the new Gentleman Givenchy, there's no better cast than English actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

A man known for his wit, charm, acting skills and dashing looks, you would know Aaron from his long list of Hollywood blockbuster hits like Quiksilver from Avengers: Age of Ultron and Ray Marcus in Nocturnal Animals (which is directed by Tom Ford himself).

Add that to his singing and dancing talents, he is truly the very man needed to embody the new Gentleman Givenchy.

See it for yourself in the Givenchy Gentleman campaign film below:

Givenchy Gentlemen
"I believe the contemporary gentleman is caring, compassionate... is chivalrous, optimistic even... and has a charm." – Aaron Taylor-Johnson
The Bottle

While the 1975 edition features a significantly bold silhouette with sharp edges, the new Gentleman Givenchy embraces the idea of a new classic with a sleek rounded bottle design.

Minimalist yet impactful, the new glass bottle is adorned with a simple black lacquer cap and a black band to showcase the contrast in colours and style.

Think of it as a sleek tuxedo but added with rough edges and fine details. One that showcases the seductive, charismatic and sensitive side of the man.

The Gentleman Givenchy eau de toilette fragrance is now available for sale at all Givenchy beauty counters in major department stores and Sephora outlets nationwide.

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