23 Artists On Their Music Industry New Year’s Resolutions

by Ilana Kaplan
Some of our favorite musicians set their intention for the new year.

2017 was a year of change for the entertainment industry: from sexual assault allegations to a drive to see more women behind the scenes, empowerment was a driving force behind music. As we head into our second year with President Trump and look further into the industry that’s being dismantled, it’s important to listen to the people who want to see change happen for themselves and in their profession. As a way to usher in 2018, we caught up with 14 artists including Maggie Rogers, Rachel Platten and Daya, to hear about how the goals they have for themselves and for the music industry.


“In the new year, I'd love to see more behind the scenes females (songwriters, producers, engineers) gaining traction in the pop space. Some of my best songs and perspectives have come out of sessions with female writers or female producers, so it only makes sense that we are more fairly included and acknowledged."

Grace Mitchell

“Although I feel everyday is an opportunity for change, my New Year’s resolution is to bring an emphasis of individuality and experimentation into my art and to support other artists who are pushing their own boundaries. There’s no proper way to create art, release art, or perform art, because every artist’s career is designed for a particular scale; whether that’s selling out Madison Square Garden, or opening for someone else at The Forum. To quote Richard Russell, head of XL Recordings: “There are always going to be people who think there are rules and people who don’t think there are rules….” The real value of “good art” is in the experience the artist creates for an audience. I’m resolved to create without preconceived notions of rules and formulas and to support other artists who do the same.”

Alli Simpson

“I’d like to see less body shaming by men in 2018. Standing up to men and owning who we are no matter what our body shape, size or color. We are all individually beautiful just the way we are. Our bodies are a temple and are not to be defined, abused or judged. To love and equality!”

Allie X

“2018 feels equally daunting and exciting. In the short time I’ve been in LA so much has changed about the music industry. I love to watch the power shifting and the sound changing. Every year, for me, has felt like an emotional roller coaster...I think next year I’d like to feel a flow with my work and my personal life — and to go out to more concerts!”

Maggie Rogers

“My New Years resolution is a recommitment to the practices that serve my creativity and sense of self — reading, writing, running, playing, and meditating. 2018 looks shiny and bright and new and full of hope, and I’m walking into it with an open heart and a patient stride.”

Tove Styrke

"My New Year’s resolution will be to trust my own abilities more and worry less. I’m like, incredibly talented and good at what I do, but sometimes I forget and that’s really sad. I’m gonna dream out loud, up myself to absurdity, create and have fun until the world understands that I’m a freaking gift. Happy New Year!"

So Below

"Something I've started to do this year and would love to make a goal of 2018, is to do all my own vocal recording and editing so things are slightly more in my control. Recording your own vocals can sometimes be a nightmare as you get very knit picky about getting the perfect takes, but in the end I feel like the result is so much better, and more rewarding.”

Thom Powers, The Naked and Famous

“At the risk of sounding like a fluffy inspiration quote, my New Year’s resolution is to work with my friends more often. I’ve learnt, the hard way, that being a “perfectionist” can mean working (and thinking) in a vacuum. The irony is that you can’t know what you’re missing out on until you open up. I’ve found that nurturing a creative community is more rewarding than seeking solitary achievement.”

Channy Leaneagh from POLIÇA and s t a r g a z e

“I am resolved to create fearlessly in 2018; to submerge myself in new writing and singing collaborations and enjoy every minute of it. Someday it will all be over, and I'll look back with joy at being able to hustle.”

Parson James

"This last year has been remarkable in so many ways. With all that has affected our world on social and political levels, I think that everyone is looking forward to change in the new year. The music industry seemed to have been more vocal than any time in recent memory, and I think next year I want to see even more of that. I plan to use my art to continue to make statements. I will continue to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and incorporate that message into my art. Also, I want to see more women on the production side of things. I am going to try and work with more female producers in hopes of bringing even more out of the woodwork. Lastly, I’m gonna tour my ass off & finally stop overthinking and deliver the record that I’m so proud of.”


“In 2018, I want to champion new and diverse artists, while continuing to evolve as an artist myself. I also want to use and hear more male pronouns in songs from gay artists. As I’ve been on my own journey to becoming more comfortable with myself, nothing excites me more than seeing artists who are authentically themselves. Lastly, I want to immediately save someone’s name in my phone so I don’t have to lie later and say, ‘sorry, got a new phone. Who’s this?’”


“I’m never really great with resolutions, but, in 2018, I want to dance more, write more, and create explosively. I want to practice piano — get my hands on anything that can make sound.” 

Carlie Hanson

“2017 was a really inspiring year for me seeing young, innovative artists like Billie Eilish and Khalid carve a lane out for themselves. I’m so excited for more people to hear my music this year and contribute to the evolution happening in pop music right now where it feels like anything is possible!!”


"In the new year, I want to see more artists confidently self-starting, building and owning their individual process of growth. I also want to stop comparing myself to others, put on blinders and focus in on myself and my path. I think it's easy to get lost in a sea of information and social media. Constantly measuring yourself against others is bad for creativity and innovation."


“It's really important to me that moving into 2018 and the future, we see more female producers and writers with songs at the top of the charts, and more women in positions of power. As a female artist, I'm always making a conscious effort to surround myself and empower other women in music as my team is predominantly female, and the songs I write for my artist project always involves other female collaborators. If girls lift up girls, the world is better.”

Swimsuit Issue

“Our 2018 resolution is to sign a major label record contract and get paid pennies on the dollar to have the creative energy completely sucked out of us for the sake of social media metrics and company profit.”

Rachel Platten

"Working in such a competitive industry like music, it can be hard to remember that there IS no competition - we don’t have to feel threatened by someone else’s success. We rise by lifting others, and it feels so much sweeter to root for each other and remember what really matters: we are creating art, and we are so freaking lucky to get to do that on any level. I’d love to see the industry as a collective do the same. I already see it happening, and I’m excited for the future of music!"


“In 2018 I’d love for there to be more conversation surrounding body positivity in the mainstream media and pop world. Those conversations are being had in more niche Instagram and YouTube communities, but still are not present enough in pop culture. I’d love to see women of the music industry get extremely real and public about this.”

Eves Karydas

"My resolution is to keep following my inuition because learning to do that has really blessed me in 2017. I also want to make as much noise as possible for what I believe in. And go to New York."

Chloe Chaidez, KITTEN

“I’ve never actually made New Year’s resolutions that related to my band, so this was a good exercise for me. In 2018, I’d like to let the people who are involved in KITTEN know how much they are appreciated at least once a week. I’d like to listen to more records made in the 70’s; I don’t ingest enough music from that decade. And lastly, I’d like to be more patient and understanding when opportunities don’t come as quickly as I’d like them to. I believe 2018 is going to be a great year!"

Little Boots

"I feel like the music industry has had a bumpy year, and a lot of noise around important issues that are finally being put at the front of the conversation. Gender imbalance and discrimination runs deep in our industry, and is never going to be a quick or easy problem to solve. But I’m hoping now that these issues are being taken more seriously we will start to see some real action and positive change that could really transform the music industry in the future. This year I feel like there’s been a lot of talk but I’m hoping next year will be a year of action. Everyone needs to think about what they can do to make a difference, whether it's having goals to reach a more equal gender split on programming, choosing to employ/work with women in roles they are hugely underrepresented in (such as A&R), or featuring more women on covers or billboards. I was really impressed with Resident Advisor’s decision and reasons for cancelling their annual poll this year, and I think this was a great example of a meaningful and impactful decision. For me, I have always been hugely disappointed by the lack of female producers, so this year I decided to address this in my new EP, which will be released early next year, and has been made entirely with female talent, from the producers I’ve collaborated with, to mixers, masterer, photographers and designers. Diversity is proven to have a positive impact in all industries, of course not just in gender but also age, race, sexual orientation, and I think the music industry embracing this and taking positive, proactive steps towards tackling deep rooted issues resulting in real action is the key to a very exciting future."

Bella Podpadec, Dream Wife

“Moving into the new year, more than anything, we need to look after each other: to call people out when they put people down, to communicate with each other, to acknowledge our privileges and to listen to those in need. We need a gentler kind of revolution, but we've got to be loud about it.”

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