On the Road with Drax Project on Christina Aguilera's European Tour

The New Zealand band shared their experience on The X Tour with the powerhouse vocalist.
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New Zealand quartet Drax Project accompanied Christina Aguilera on The X Tour for four incredible stops in Paris, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Berlin, blasting electric sound waves across the concert halls of Europe as they went. After opening on tours for Camila Cabello, Ed Sheeran, and Lorde, performing with Christina Aguilera was a fantastic next feat for the crew. Before embarking on their international endeavors, Drax Projects released “All This Time,” an eclectic anthem with elements of jazz and pop blended perfectly with a saxophone beat. The band performed this song along with several others at venues across Europe, gaining exposure and positive feedback to boost their already skyrocketing platform. Drax had major success with their travels and shared an inside look at highlights from the tour with Aguilera. Take a look at the select moments they shared with us, all in their own words, below. 


Matt saying, "See you later!" (not goodbye) to the crowd in Paris.

Caught Sam in the hallway on his way back onstage.

Secure the timber.

Matt mid-performance in Paris.

Post-show feels in Paris.

Matt getting laughed at by the crew for posing.

The crowd in Amsterdam was wild!

Travel stretches with Shaan.

Breaking it down during "All This Time" with the crowd clapping.

Sam on his way to the make-up show in Amsterdam.

Make-up performance at the Backstage Hotel in Amsterdam.

Shaan likes flying so much he wanted to test how the freight experience was. We'll get back to you on that one.

After the make-up show, the guys went out onto the streets to play a couple tracks. 

Shaan perfectly demonstrating how to carry cables into the venues.



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