Foster The People Releases an Uplifting New Single, “Pick U Up”

The Los Angeles-based indie band released a new track that's hard not to love.
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As swimming attire goes on sale and Halloween decorations hit the stores, summer is undeniably fading into the past. But despite Lana Del Rey's new album sparking a sad girl fall, don't let your mood sink too much because Foster The People’s playful new single “Pick You Up,” which dropped on Friday, won’t let you down. Featuring artwork by collaborator Young & Sick, the Los Angeles-based indie band released the new track following singles “Imagination," “Style,” “Worst Nites,” and “Sit Next to Me,” the last of which just went double platinum. 

In this new track, lead singer Mark Foster addresses his new love interest: “Hey there, did you call me? / Are you lonely? / Should I pick you up?”. Questioning defining the encounter as is so common with modern romance, the catchy chorus then continues: "Hey there, got some money? / Do you love me? / You just tryin' me on?”. With its upbeat instrumentals and lifted backup harmonies, the song is a polar opposite from your sad girl playlists and significantly more peppy than previous hits "Pumped Up Kicks" and "Sit Next to Me." Next for the band will be the single's accompanying video, which Foster himself is directing. Hopefully it will be as colorful as the cover art and as fun visually as the song sounds.


While climate change is ravaging the earth and life is getting busy as we head into a fall full of fashion and politics, maybe this song is a reminder to still try to fit in one more relaxing pool day or date with your summer fling while you still can. It is self-care September, after all. 

Listen to "Pick U Up" below.



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