Everything We Know About Harry Styles' New Album 'Fine Line'

Who knew one could have so much fun with watermelons.
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Update 5/18: Harry Styles just made it 100% more difficult to stay in quarantine. He recently released the music video for "Watermelon Sugar" that teases us this quarantine with its dedication to touching. In this sensual video, Styles is surrounded by a plethora of beautiful people on a beach, making his fans more jealous in the process. If there's anywhere his fans want to be, it's definitely the watermelon in his hand. Just like watermelon, we get lost in its juicy tied sweet visuals and lyrics. Not only are we on a sugar high from this charming video, but from Styles' glorious smiles too. His honey-like voice mixed with the video's psychedelic vibes revives it as the song of the summer. The only things we are missing are Harry Styles and the delicious watermelon right next to us. 




UPDATE 11/19: After releasing his album's second single, "Watermelon Sugar," during his SNL episode this past weekend, Styles has unveiled the tracklist for the new album. It features four sides and 12 songs, and is as follows:

Heads up and lights up, because the news we've all been waiting for is finally here: Harry Styles is releasing his next album before 2019 is out. Through a row of identical Instagram posts, the musician-slash-style-icon announced his long-awaited Fine Line will arrive on December 13.

Shot by Tim Walker, the avant-garde cover features Styles as seen through a convex lens, posing in white sailor pants and a fuschia top—custom Gucci, of course—as a mysterious black glove in the bottom left corner gestures towards him. It feels a bit like a funhouse and seems to fit the title perfectly, as the distorted reality truly makes one go into the depths of their imagination. The video for "Lights Up," the album's lead single that went viral when it debuted on October 11, also appears to explore the concept of a Fine Line, as its lyrics repeat "Do you know who you are?" and the video's wild, artsy night out seems to take inspiration from trips on shrooms and the star's rumored sexual fluidity. You can revisit the video below.

The world certainly had an idea that Styles' next album was coming thanks to the single, the recent announcement he will pull double-duty on SNL on November 16, and plenty of cryptic tweets. The most recent of the latter, posted yesterday, was a link to, where fans have been able to get a generated complement from the musician himself since just before the release of "Lights Up." (Go try it if you haven't—I just got a note that I am "a fine line." How on point.) The tweet said nothing at all, but it also said everything, sending fans into madness over an announcement they turned out to be completely right about.

So even if we still don't know whether Rihanna will finally drop R9 this December as rumors suggest (which, fair, considering how she is busy taking over fashion), at least the end of the year is confirmed to hold something just as exciting. Looks like it's about to be the luckiest Friday the 13th yet.

Photo via Instagram / @harrystyles



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