Is Beyoncé on the Cover of Barbie Tingz?

Cue the conspiracy theories!
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In case you haven't already heard, Nicki Minaj is back, recently announcing two new singles dropping this Thursday, one of which is titled "Barbie Tingz."

Its cover art brings to mind classic, theatrical, and outlandish Nicki, who in the past has channeled her notorious alter ego Roman Zolanski. Minaj is shown looking up with hands covering her ears wearing a royal, 18th-century court-style dress. But she isn't alone, surrounded by four masked women dressed in similar frocks. 

Following Minaj's news, fans and internet conspiracy theorists alike have been itching to discover the identities of these masked women. Could they be backup dancers? Or could these mystery figures actually be fellow music divas in disguise?

Beyoncé, Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Kelly Rowland have all been rumored as the faces behind each mask. While the latter might be a bit of reach, one faithful Barb did their homework, posting to Instagram a screenshot of a Beyoncé picture uploaded in August 2017. 

In it, Queen Bey poses against a lush island retreat, which received a comment from Minaj herself reading: "#QueenTingz #BarbieTingz." Cue the madness. So as we wait to see what tricks Minaj has up her sleeve, we'll keep trying to figure this out. For all we know, these women could just be backup dancers. But whether famous or not,  one thing is certain. The Queen of Rap is back. All hail. 

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