Lola Blanc Is Angry, She Thinks You Should Be Too

The singer/songwriter just released her new single and L'Officiel USA got the exclusive first listen.
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In a time where there is a seemingly endless stream of sexual assault and discrimination survivors—it is fair to be angry. Really angry. And someone who is really angry is singer and songwriter, Lola Blanc who released her new single, "Angry Too," today. L'Officiel USA was able to get the exclusive, first-listen of a song that speaks volumes to a controversial time in history. 

The song encapsulates the frightening, maddening and confusing feelings felt by many women, including Blanc. She uses her own personal experiences to relate to the masses through song. It was written during the height of #MeToo in 2018, but it was not just about the movement. She expresses her fear of simply doing nothing and her anger towards the patriarchy. Utilizing a dark, electronic meets spooky vibe—it's a song that prepares women for battle. The lyrics, "‘cause it gets my blood boiling / and I’m coming unglued / it would eat you like poison / if you knew what I knew / you would be angry, too," encourage listeners to use their anger as motivation to make change and stand up against the attacks against women. 

"'Angry Too' was my way of dealing with all this rage that surfaced when the #MeToo outings were peaking," said Blanc. "It wasn't supposed to be a message song, it wasn't supposed to be about that at all, but all of these feelings had been coming up that I'd just kind of put away for a long time. And I hadn't ever really known how to express it, because anger is uncomfortable. It was easier to shove it down. But I needed to let myself feel it."

And is not surprising that the vampire-chic feminist with jet-black hair and a fair complexion wrote a song like this. Blanc has written several articles about feminist topics including one titled, Your Dick Ain't That Irresistible on Medium. Her career is far from ordinary, she used to be a ventriloquist, she wrote "Oh La La," for Britney Spears, and she has also written for VICE.  



Photography by Danin "Deathcats" Jacquay | Styling by Phoenix Mellow

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