The World's Richest Singers Happen to Be Some of Your Favorites

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Lorsqu'une star est au firmament de sa gloire, le rôle d'un bon paparazzi (ou photographe fraîchement reconverti dans le pipole) est de capter l'expression de ladite cible lors de courts moments de répit. Capturés lors d'une séance d'enregistrement, les négatifs que The Beatles Story (le musée référence du groupe cis à Liverpool) vient tout juste de mettre aux enchères pourraient être qualifiés de "beau travail". On y aperçoit clairement le chanteur d'"Imagine" dans sa période pré-hippie, col roulé noir de rigueur, en pleine concentration, et certains de ses disciples musicaux. Une denrée rare pour les collectionneurs, une relique pour les inconditionnels. Et les autres. 


Exposition à partir du 9 novembre 2017, vente en novembre 2018,

There’s no celebrity wardrobe in the world that doesn’t contain shoes designed by Giuseppe Zanotti. And seemingly, there’s no celebrity who doesn’t want to create shoes with Giuseppe Zanotti. From Kanye West and Jennifer Lopez to Rihanna and Beyonce, as the legendary Italian shoe designer celebrates the launch of his glittering new Dubai boutique, L’Officiel Arabia exclusively reveals the 2019 collection inspired by his latest musical muse.
Tiffany & Co.— Believe In Dreams: A Tiffany Holiday (2018)
The beauty witch herself, Jade Taylor

Palmistry is an ancient practice and one the most intimate ways one can physically examine their body for unique characterizations—and, no, you don’t have to “believe” in it to understand it. I don’t think anyone should look to palmistry (or, anything really) as a quick-fix glimpse into their future. If you’re desperately searching for something to give your life answers or meaning, then you may be harboring a clouded intention that will only clear up once you realize the future is actually not set in stone, it can be altered at any time—and if you don’t like something about where your life is going, then only you have the power to change it. However, if you’re seeking something to help guide you on a path to enlightenment (or whatever you’d prefer to call it) with the highest intention, then pursue away. I’d love to help break the taboo of palm reading as being some sort of wacky fortune telling practice by encouraging others to start looking it as a way of analyzing and reconnecting with your true self—first inside, then out.

Barry Jumper in Ecru
Barry Jumper in Ecru
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Golden Door, San Marcos, California


Rouge à Levres Lunaison Lipstick

2019 has been a year for maximalist makeup thanks to Doniella Davy's work on HBO's Euphoria, abundant creativity on the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 runways, and celebrity entrepreneurship galore. There's no better way to mark that trend this holiday season than with glitter beauty, and Gucci's ultra-sparkly new lipstick will turn heads at any festive event.

Rouge à Levres Lunaison Lipstick in 710 Fay Turquoise, $46, Gucci


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