Sabrina Carpenter's New Album is Fiercely Authentic

The pop vocalist just dropped Singular: Act II, a genuine second installment to her previous album.
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The intermission has ended, and Sabrina Carpenter is back with a brand new album Singular: Act II. Carpenter let us taste the album with two previously released singles, “Pushing 20” and “Exhale”, both of which emulate authentic emotions and showcase her coming-of-age with a beautiful cadence. Now that we’re indulging in the full album, it’s apparent that Carpenter sings from her heart with an elevated maturity and honest vulnerability that makes this set very different to her last.

Speaking on the difference between Act I and II with iHeartRadio, Carpenter explained, “I like to think of Act II as Act I kind of flipped upside down on its head, and taking all the glossy, perfected elements, and stripping them back into something a little bit more real. And that's, thematically, sometimes musically, but to me it was a way for me to continue the story, but to show a more real perspective." Act II certainly highlights a genuine reality that’s identifiable and understandable. It’s something many people can relate to their own lives, and that connection is really powerful.

Sabrina Carpenter - Exhale

As Act II is all about introspection and self-discovery, Carpenter touched on her personal message with creating this album in an interview with Pop Crush. “Those songs are about being in my own head, asking myself a lot of questions or, you know, asking, 'What am I doing? Why am I doing this?'..And in the end: 'How will I be happy?'” 20-year-old Sabrina Carpenter’s new album is all about finding yourself through different life moments and coming to terms with who you are and who you want to be. 

Each song focuses on a different issue that you will probably face at one point in you life with varied rhythms and beats that allow for different emotions to consume you as you make your way through the album. My personal favorite "I'm Fakin" talks about how people often times say things they don't actually mean with the intention of making someone feel a certain way, while the cheeky bop "Take You Back" is about realizing that you don't actually need someone in your life anymore. New realizations and developments come with each song as you follow Carpenter on her journey of exploration. It’s definitely an anthem for all the young people out there asking themselves the same questions as the pop singer, and that relatability is paramount in Carpenter’s success.

Singular: Act II is out now. Go stream!

Sabrina Carpenter

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