Andie MacDowell Is a Pissed Off Housewife in New Music Video

The music video also features a cameo from MacDowell's daughter Rainey Qualley.
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Miles Garber and David Gagliardi are the two frontmen of seven-person, Los Angeles-based rock band, Swimsuit Issue. After meeting at a music conservatory in New Jersey, the two bonded over similar tastes in music and being 6'0" tall, which led to the forming of a pretty much perfect union. 

Garber has previously described the band's sound as "somewhere between hot running water and cold running water," a fitting, yet unorthodox metaphor. But as you will see in their latest video for the guitar-heavy track "EP3," being unorthodox works well for them. The clip features cameos from Garber's ex-girlfriend Rainey Qualley and an appearance from her mom, actress Andie MacDowell. 

In the still, Garber and Gagliardi lead a string of odd jobs (bellhops and construction workers included). The most impressionable scene, however, comes when the two act as couldn't-care-less plumbers while a screaming MacDowell plays a silent housewife who frankly, is pissed the f@!* off. 

It's a breath of fresh air as far as music videos are concerned, one that favors the music and storyline above heavy, distracting visuals. But while you may feel some early Blink-182 and Lemonheads vibes when watching, the path that Swimsuit Issue is unabashedly carving out on its own. 


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