Zhavia Drops New Single “100 Ways”

The 17-year-old, R&B artist is making waves with the release of her brand new single and music video.
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It’s official—Zhavia Ward is the exciting, new name on the lips of the music industry as she solidifies her star-on-the-rise status. Bursting onto the scene as a contestant on singing competition The Four, she’s emerged as a juggernaut fan-favorite and has quickly taken her talent to the big leagues. With past credits like joining rap heavyweight French Montana and Lil Pump on the release of the Diplo-produced track “Welcome To The Party”, the R&B singer has finally returned with her new solo single, “100 Ways”.



The slower tempo-ed track with a music video to match is an anthemic testament to Zhavia’s history as an artist, a complicated and deeply personal journey that taught her the importance of persistence at such a young age. 

“In my life, I've learned that no matter what obstacles or things or people that try to come between me and my goals, I'll find a way around it and get to where I want to be because I have a lot of passion,” says Zhavia. “Making it as an artist is a whole obstacle in itself. There's no written way to do it, and you kind of just have to let it play out. Work hard, and do your part.”

The release of “100 Ways” hints at the release of a larger body of work by Zhavia, especially as we enter the new year. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for her upcoming projects as she continues to make major headway as an artist on her own terms.

"It's kind of crazy because I feel like everything I said to myself that I wanted to achieve or wanted to do so far in my life, I've accomplished," explains the 17-year-old. "So, I just have got to keep hitting those milestones."

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