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Lili Reinhart: "I'm a Proud Bisexual Woman.”

As Pride month approaches, Reinhart takes to Instagram to announce her bisexuality and support for the LGBTQ+ and Black Lives Matter communities.
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Yesterday in an Instagram Stories post, L'Officiel cover star Lili Reinhart announced that she identifies as a "proud bisexual woman." The Riverdale actress joins the list of celebrities such as Halsey, Kristen Stewart, and Bella Thorne, who have are vocal about their fluid approach to their sexuality and labels.

Reinhart avidly uses social media as a channel of communication to her large following. She has used her platform to speak up on mental health awareness and her personal struggle with body image. After her recent breakup with co-star Cole Sprouse, her partner of nearly three years, has flown under the radar. However, amidst the fight against police brutaility and social injustice, the 23-year old has used her voice to support the protests in response to George Floyd's death.


Yesterday, Reinhart promoted a flyer for a protest that supports the LGBTQ+ for Black Lives Matter community. Below the flyer, she revealed, “Although I’ve never publicly announced it, I am a proud bisexual woman. And I will be joining this protest today. Come join.”


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