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Bulgari Made a Very Luxe AirPods Case

Lockets are out, and buying your earbuds a high-fashion ensemble is in.
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Photo credit: Isabella Kendall

Remember the days when the Twitterverse was joking about the price tag of AirPods themselves? Much, much simpler times.

Earlier this year, we brought you the news that Louis Vuitton created its own $995 version of AirPods, and last month, they followed that up by releasing a wearable trunk case to cater to the much larger group that still sticks to Apple's edition. Now, Bulgari is launching its own version of an AirPods holder (slash necklace, let's be honest), and we can't believe the luxe and hype-inducing sight in front of our eyes.

Part of the jewelry house's holiday Serpenti collection, the Bulgari AirPods case retails at $680 and is available online beginning today. It comes in both fuschia and gold, so you can either embrace one of Spring 2020's trendiest colors or celebrate the luxurious nature of the very 2019 purchase you just made. Each AirPods holder features the line's signature clasp and a removable gold chain, so it's essentially a necklace with some added function.

With the recent tiny bag trend that has swept over the world of fashion, including the much-discussed Mini Chiquito that Simon Porte Jacquemus sent out as show invites before selling for real, it seems only natural that brands keep creating products that will hold your AirPods and only your AirPods (though hey, the Jacquemus creation only seems to hold one wireless earbud, so this seems a lot more practical). And rest assured that the new BVLGARI AirPods case was designed with the AirPods Pro in mind, so whether you still have the original model or are getting ahead of the curve, you can make this impulse purchase. Or, if you're feeling generous and have an AirPods-obsessed loved one, the new holder is also a fun idea for a holiday gift or stocking stuffer. It's basically a gag gift and something actually nice all in one. Have fun!



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