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Kaia Gerber Makes a Commentary on the Double Standard of Copyright Law

Rocking the latest addition to Urban Sophistication's buzzy iPhone cases, the model is bringing some awareness via this subtle accessory.
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Urban Sophistication has risen to the top of must-have millennial apparel and accessories thanks to their unique theme: "objectifying US." With each piece make a subtle but informed commentary on popular culture, the brand isn't afraid to recontetualize familiar references to make you think differently about things we take for granted.

You may recognize the 'Social Media seriously harms your mental health' phone case from the likes of Gigi Hadid but, this time, Kaia Gerber has opted for a slightly more complex commentary: the double standard of copyright law. Did you know that the media is allowed to use a selfie shared by a public figure (like this article, in fact) but that celebrities can be sued for posting a paparazzi photo of themselves? Well, thanks to this 'Notice: Cameras in operation 24/7' phone case, now you know.


Shop the case here.

Photo courtesy of Kaia Gerber

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