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Dior Just Made Some Fashionably Sustainable Glass Straws

Let the French maison hold you accountable to your sustainability goals.
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If recent environmental advocacy has left you wanting to stop using single-use plastic straws but you just can't manage to find a chic enough option, maybe Dior can help. In an effort to help combat toxic pollution, the French maison just unveiled a set of luxurious hand-blown glass straws.

This desirable Earth-friendly collection arrives in a red and white, nature-print box to serve as a reminder of the impact each luxe sip will have on the planet. Inside are six straws in two different gold-embossed patterns: one gold from top to bottom and one that incorporates a swirl around the straw. Each fine detail is carefully hand-painted on the glass to craft the ultimate sustainable accessory to an extravagant lifestyle. It’s delicately gorgeous, and users will have way too much fun telling bartenders and baristas that they don't need their plastic because they have a reusable Dior straw.

As the fashion industry is one of the largest contributors to Earth’s declining health, it only makes sense that the designer label would come to the rescue with a range of $150 luxury reusable straws. It's about time in 2019, but it makes sense that brands are jumping on the trend now since last year's viral spread of a video featuring a turtle with a plastic straw stuck in its nose led to boycotts and bans galore. The Dior set, though certainly in the luxury drinking accessory price range, actually is a deal when you compare it to Saint Laurent's metal straws, which retail at $235 for two. Either way, users will have purchased some chic clout as part of their sustainable sipping devices.

As climate change continues to progress amidst widespread lack of care, ethically responsible choices are essential for our survival—not just trendy. Though small, reusing a sustainable straw instead of disposing of an immortal, one-time-use plastic cylinder is one step in the right direction. Perhaps Dior's luxury glass set is the fashionably sustainable choice the world needs to finally answer the call to action.


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