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The 12 Exotic Destinations These Fashion Insiders are Traveling Back to After Quarantine

Here are all the gorgeous locations to add to your travel wish list while in quarantine.
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This pandemic, among many things, has reminded us that we’re all connected. No matter where we live, we are bound together by simply being citizens of the world. Staying home has, unsurprisingly, gotten many of us thinking about travel and where we’re longing to go when this is all over. It’s especially brought to mind memories from the places we’ve been and hope to revisit. Personally, I miss the artichokes in Rome, the sounds of Samba in Bahia, the Sea of Seven Colors in Providencia, and sharing laughs with friends over wine and paella in Mallorca. Travel is transformative; the places we go get woven into our stories, helping shift our perspectives, open our hearts and our minds and reinvigorate us for what’s next. So between work, zoom calls and in-home workouts, use your time to dream up your next trip and make it somewhere meaningful. For those of you that need inspiration, below, 12 fashion insiders share some of their favorite places they can’t wait to go back to post-quarantine.

Peju Famojure, Stylist

Destination: Dakar, Senegal

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“There’s nothing quite like the African sun which I am desperately missing right now. It's an instant mood lifter and when you throw in the music and food there’s nothing better to restore you.

From the rose-colored lake, volcanic rock-strewn beaches to incredible surf-ready waves, Dakar, Senegal has quickly become one of my favorite places. My last stay was at Terroubi Hotel as it has its own private beach but on my next visit I’ll reserve an oceanside room at Seku-Bi, an intimate boutique villa hotel owned by the tres cool founder Yodit Elkund of Bantu wax, the first African surfwear brand.”

Luisa Orsini and Antonine Peduzzi, Designers of TL-180 and Capucci

Destination: Isola Rossa, Sardinia

“We went last summer to Isola Rossa in Sardinia and stayed at a friend’s house. It was a last-minute destination after a long year working and it turned out to be one of the most beautiful places we have ever been to. It’s a wild Sardinia with crystal clear water and an amazing story behind it. Michaelangelo Antonioni used to go there with Monica Vitti to live their love story in the villa that the architect Dante Bini built for them. We went on an excursion to visit the abandoned house La Cupola and it is the most breathtaking memory we have. The Villa is totally abandoned and you can still feel the soul of the two with the furniture and some journals still there as nobody ever enters. They also have private access to the sea where our picture was taken. Those are the kind of wild and unexpected moments that we are missing most.”

Aurora James, Designer of Brother Vellies

Destination: Los Angeles, California

“Los Angeles has always been my home away from home, it’s where I first moved when I came to America and where the sun shines most brightly on my skin. Many of my friends live there and a lot of my life is there. There is a particular room that I always stay at the Chateau Marmont so there is a comfort in returning there. And to a transient space in general especially one that has a rich history - much of which is my own. I know that the moment I am able to go back there I will feel a lot of peace.”

Olivia Lopez, Fashion Influencer

Destination: Florence, Italy 

“I’d love to go back to Numeroventi in Florence. The great thing about Florence is that it's a small city with the countryside all around it, so you get the best of both worlds as a traveler: access to world-class trattorias and wine bars while nature preserves are only a short drive away. I travel to Italy at least once a year and love that Florence is experiencing a modern resurgence of the fine arts, which is evident in a place like Numeroventi, an artist residency, and a hotel in the city center.”

Marina Cortbawi, Designer of Merlette

Destination: Sydney, Australia

"The first destination I will travel back to after the Quarantine is Sydney. It's where I was born and lived the first half of my life, and I just really miss the natural life -  the noisy birds, the fragrant trees and dry earth, the blue sky and swimming in natural ocean pools - it’s all about the outdoor life. I will stay at The Old Clare in Chippendale, a refurbished art-deco hotel in the inner city and only 15 mins to the Eastern beaches. It has the most perfect bed which is always welcome after a 23 hr flight and I love A1 Canteen next door for their fresh Aussie breakfasts and very strong coffee. The area is a multicultural foodie hub and cultural scene such as White Rabbit, this incredible contemporary Chinese art gallery."

Gabriela Comella, Designer of Gabriel for Sach

Destination: Costa Brava, Spain 

“I’m looking forward to going back to La Costa Brava. I can’t wait to take long walks near the sea and enjoy all the different kinds of vegetation in the poppy fields! I feel so lucky to have a family home there, to have had a place to escape to and share memories with my family. It’s a special place with the best combination of tranquility, endless fields, summer lunches that end at dinner time and dunks in the sea at all hours of the day. I recommend it to anyone as La Costa Brava is so expansive that you can find a town that most suits you. The hotel I love most is Hostal d’Empuries and the restaurant Comedor Verdor.”

Chloe Dunlop, Designer of She Made Me

Destination: Ibiza 

“I have been dreaming about travelling back to the beautiful, rocky cove and turquoise waters of Cala d'en Serra, Ibiza. After being inside for weeks during isolation, I'm looking forward to some sunshine, secluded coves and the energy of the bustling, bohemian flea markets in the North. When I'm in Ibiza, I stay at the Los Enamorados hotel in Portinatx. My favourite dinner spot is La Paloma - the atmosphere is relaxed and friendly; almost like you're visiting a family friend's house and the locally-sourced, farm-to-table menu is simple but so delicious. In the evenings, you'll find me at Cala d'Hort. The setting sun throws beautiful pink tones over Es Vedra. It's nice to sit down by the water and watch the sun go down, or sit in one of the few beach bars after a long day in the sun.”

Lucy Laucht, Photographer & Co-founder of Tio y Tia

Destination: Ischia, Italy 

“Once this passes I’m most looking forward to returning to Italy. The island I love most of all will always be Ischia, just off the coast of Naples. I love to stay at Mezzatorre Hotel & Thermal Spa. My time in lockdown has me thinking about the environmental impact of my travel choices, perhaps it’s less trips but longer trips and I vow to take more boats, trains and less planes.”

Lucy Folk, Founder & Creative Director of Lucy Folk

Destination: Tangier, Morocco

“Once travel bans have been lifted, I'll be returning to Tangier. Tangier is mystical. Where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Atlantic. You can see Spain on a clear day and smell the spices of the souk. There is an intense energy and it can feel a little gritty but this makes the city exciting. Musicians, poets, artists and Bohemians feel at home in Tangier. There is a lot of magic that goes on behind doors and those doors aren’t hard to open. I always stay at the private house at Nord Pinus. It’s a small hotel oozing charm. Breakfast on the terrace in the open air is a delight.”

Emily Levine, Designer of Emily Levine

Destination: Kyoto, Japan

“My Husband and I went to Kyoto on our honeymoon and stayed at Nazuna Kyoto Gosho– it was the best discovery. We had the Kuzukiri room with a private zen garden and a Japanese cypress wooden bathtub that opens up into the garden. They’re opening another location too that we want to check out. We love Kyoto and this boutique hotel will always be such a special place to us! Being one of my favorite cities in the world, it’s a place I will always want to go back to. Experiencing the city by staying in a ryokan or a smaller boutique hotel makes the experience so much more authentic.”

Silvia Tcherassi, Designer of Silvia Tcherassi

Destination: Barranquilla & Cartagena, Colombia

“The first trip I am looking forward to is going back to my beloved hometown of Barranquilla—I dream of the day where I can go back to our headquarters and hug each and every one of the people who work with us. I would then get on a quick car ride to Cartagena, where I would love to spend a few days in our hotel and be around the incomparable energy and spark of the employees there. I yearn to do some upkeep on our vertical gardens there with my mother, who I miss dearly. I am also looking forward to walking the lovely narrow streets of Cartagena with an even deeper sense of appreciation for its romantic charm and rich history. A perfect day would consist of walking around the city, a little bit of gardening and lastly, finishing the day off under the Cartagena moon with some Buena Vista Social Club playing in the background.”

Sandra Sandor, the Founder and Creative Director of Nanushka

Destination: Sri Lanka

“One of the most magical trips I have taken the past year was to Sri Lanka. We stayed in Weligama, the Southern Province of Sri Lanka at Cape Weligama. The land is elevated 9 meters above sea level and has breathtaking views. The untouched beauty of Sri Lanka, the kindness of the people and the almost fictive looking sunsets are just a few reasons to go back. This trip also inspired my SS20 collection as I got to visit some amazing traditional family-owned tie-dye factories where I was lucky enough to learn some great techniques first hand from the amazing people there.”

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