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Maserati Tells All About Their 2020 Collaboration with Ermenegildo Zegna

The Italian vehicle manufacturer has become a timeless symbol of cutting-edge luxury with fashion and pop culture influence, so we spoke with brand manager Alvin Bond to get all the details behind the exciting new launches.
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Maserati has taken an iconic place in the luxury world thanks to its collection of masterfully crafted and instantly recognizable sports cars. The Italian vehicle manufacturer has become a favorite reference of rappers galore, starred on screen in several Bond films and countless others, and collaborated with Ermenegildo Zegna, so when it expands its range, it's certain to be making a mark on how the most elite crowds get around. Earlier this month, automobile fans flocked to Monterey Car Week to see the new Maseratis among other cutting-edge cars, and attendees had the opportunity to purchase one of 100 limited-edition 2020 Quattroporte sedans and Levante SUVs, which sport the Zegna Pelletessuta woven leather interiors that define the latest extension to the brand. With their innately exclusive style, technology, and character, Maserati sports cars serve a chic taste and continually assert their luxury appeal, so you'll be ready to shut up and drive.

Sitting at the throne of sports vehicles, Maserati provides a profusely luxury experience to clients through the high-quality production and execution of each vehicle. With the latest release of the company’s 2020 models, L'Officiel USA had the chance to speak with Maserati Levante Brand Manager Alvin Bond about the highly coveted updates. Read what he had to tell us about Levante, Quattroporte, Pelletessuta, and more below, in what's sure to spark wanderlust and get you busy planning a top-notch road trip.


Yale Breslin: What makes the Levante such a strong contender in the Maserati family?

Alvin Bond: The Maserati Levante is an unparalleled SUV that drives like a car and has all the comforts and performance you would expect in a Maserati. Every Levante is all-wheel drive and powered by a twin-turbo V6 or V8 engine designed by Maserati Powertrain and built exclusively by Ferrari in Maranello, Italy. Levante offers responsiveness and long-distance refinement.

YB: “The Levante maintains its refined composure even when the going gets tough” is an important line in the press release. Can you expand on this and tell me why it’s important to the vehicle?

AB: The Maserati Levante gets its name from a wind that blows across the Mediterranean, transforming from calm to gale force in an instant. It performs the same way on the road when you are commuting to work or when you want to go off-road to the beach or a mountain lodge.

YB: A few years ago, Maserati co-created a Zegna silk interior for select models. Where did this idea stem from?  Why did it make perfect sense for Maserati and Zegna to join forces and collaborate?

AB: Both Maserati and Ermenegildo Zegna are historic northern Italian companies with the same values of fine artisanal craftsmanship and combining legacy with innovation. As part of an ongoing partnership that began with the innovation of the first-ever silk interiors in the automotive sector, the next chapter opens with a limited production of woven leather Pelletessuta interiors and exclusive exterior colors.

YB: This summer, you’re launching a woven leather interior that will be available in 2020 on a limited edition number of vehicles. What can you tell us about this project?

AB: The soft, luxurious, lightweight Pelletessuta material is not only durable but brings comfort and beauty to Maserati interiors. The result of research using thin strips of Nappa leather in place of fabric yarns, the material features weaving and interlacing that replicate the traditional method of weaving cloth to obtain a real "fabric" from leather. This method is an example of combining new avant-garde technologies with century-old traditions to create innovation. Through a longstanding partnership between Zegna and Maserati, two historical Italian companies, Maserati is the only automotive company to bring this elevated exclusive interior to the market.

In North America, 100 limited edition Maseratis with Pelletessuta woven leather interiors by Zegna are available for the 2020 model year: 50 Quattroporte sedans and 50 Levante SUVs. The exclusive Quattroportes sedans will feature a custom Blu Sofisticato metallic exterior paint, a lavish dark brown Pelletessuta interior, blue brake calipers, sport seats, and a dedicated Zegna Edition interior badge. The elegant configuration underscores the exclusive, luxurious character of this Italian flagship, whose origins date back to Series I, designed in 1963 to be the fastest sedan in the world. The limited-edition Levante SUVs will feature an exclusive Bronzo tri-coat exterior, a stunning black Pelletessuta interior, exclusive Radica wood trim, black brake calipers, and 21” polished Helios rims. This is an especially sophisticated combination for this Levante, the first SUV in the more than one-hundred-year history of Maserati.

These exclusive vehicles will be available for sale on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact your local dealer to reserve one. Vehicles will be delivered to the first consumers in Spring 2020.

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