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What to Get Your Scorpio Friend for Their Birthday

Celebrate your favorite quirky nightmare with some gifts as dark (and alluring) as their soul.
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Do you feel that mysterious breeze in the air? That's because today at 1:20 PM, the Sun officially entered Scorpio, which means it's time for a month of mystery, intensity, and spooky chic memes. Because black is the happiest color, and witchcraft is the only true form of science.

Scorpio has some of the most polarizing associations of any sign, and as fellow Scorpios, the two of us can attest to that. Falling around Halloween season and the most associated with lust, the sign never hides in the metaphorical shadows despite the fact that we're always doing literally just that. And while we know well that Scorpios are far more complex than they seem—getting past our mysterious nature reveals a range of personalities you might not expect—this month is a time to embrace those stereotypical traits and get your friend a birthday gift that celebrates the core traits of their sign. From Savage x Fenty bodysuits to unexpected candle aromas hiding in a cloak of black, see ten poignant and chic gifts for the Scorpio in your life below. We're waiting.

Rose Quartz

For the next couple of days, we're on the Libra-Scorpio cusp, more strikingly titled the cusp of drama and criticism. Scorpios (including Ali) whose birth chart falls on this side of the sign exhibit traits of both, having some dark and intense qualities while also being artsy and craving balance in their lives. This means self-care and spirituality are one—think face masking the stress away, burning a Himalayan salt lamp all day long, and believing in the power of healing crystals such as rose quartz. How witchy. Ready for use either alone or with your favorite serum or face oil, this sculptor from Kora Organics will transform your Libra-Scorp's aura.

Rose Quartz Heart Facial Sculptor, $58, Kora Organics

A Fierce Fragrance

An intense zodiac sign needs a fragrance to match. Lucky for you, dear gift-giver, Alexander McQueen released a range of powerful scents last year ready to help your Scorpio friend smell just like their alluring aura. Blazing Lily, one of the most astrologically appropriate variations from the line, uses its titular note alongside pimento and gunpowder for a narcotic gender-neutral perfume. 

Blazing Lily Eau de Parfum, $245, Alexander McQueen

A Darkly Chic Candle

As a young Selena Gomez sang into the childhood homes of many a late millennial in the Wizards of Waverly Place theme song, everything is not as it seems. This Diptyque candle fits the all-black aesthetic of our outward appearances, but its scent reveals a far more layered story. Mixing the brand's iconic Baies floral with a punch of blackcurrant, it's a reminder that Scorpios have feelings, too—we're just only going to show them when we feel a fire within.

Baies 600g 3-Wick Candle, $175, Diptyque


Given Scorpio is the sign most closely associated with sexuality, we couldn't go without including a chic intimate piece on this list. After last month's viral New York Fashion Week show (which we had to wait an utterly painful ten days to see on Amazon Prime), Rihanna's Savage X Fenty is truly the lingerie brand of the moment, with an offering that's inclusive in both size and aesthetic. We recommend choosing whichever piece perfectly complements your Scorpio friend's personal style, but this fishnet-inspired bodysuit is a great place to start.

Fishnet and Lace Bodysuit, $58, Savage X Fenty

Scorpion Earrings

We're living in an age of Co-Star and countless zodiac ways, so sometimes the best way to go is to get literal with the sign's symbolism. Givenchy's Clare Waight Keller, who has made waves by designing Meghan Markle's wedding dress and overall providing an exciting new take on the French house, captured the cultural moment by launching a zodiac-themed jewelry collection your Scorpio friend is sure to rock with pride.

Scorpio Earrings, $590, Givenchy

Roses That Never Die*

With our birthdays falling so close to the spookiest holiday of the year, Scorpios have immortal qualities resting within. So don't buy your birthday Scorp some average roses; buy them a version that never, ever dies.* Thankfully, the company that makes these, Dose of Roses, has a zodiac-themed box, so the gift has a component that lasts because the florals inside just couldn't make it long enough.

*Within reason. Up to five years.

Zodiac Box, $100, Dose of Roses Beverly Hills

What's in the Box?

Regardless of your Scorpio friend's wine preference, there's something dark and mysterious for every taste in this boxed trio. Wine in a can (a can!!) with names like Tempt, Fate, and Chance—nothing gets more alluringly fun than that.

3 Pack, $49, Wine Society

Washable Silk Pajamas

Every person deserves to sleep like a goddess. Scorpios are no exception. These silk pajamas are the ideal birthday gift, plus they're machine washable. You'll have the most luxurious sleeping experience while also getting to wash them like the plebeian that you are. Chaotic energy!

Washable Silk Robe, $248, Lunya

A Luxury Ouija Board

Halloweekend may be fast approaching, but the spooky vibes are sure to last all Scorpio season long. There's no better way to tell your mysterious friend you see them for what they are than summoning the spirits with a classic game of Ouija. This is one of the most luxurious versions on the market, so fashion Scorpios will definitely vibe with this.

Ouiji Board, $1,995, Edie Parker

Some Really Extra Shoes

Scorpios really need to show off their intense personalities from head to toe, and these Alaïa stiletto booties make that literal. With iconic laser-cut detailing and a sky-high heel, these shoes are a little bit witchy and very fashion, so you can strut all over your enemies.

110 Laser-Cut Suede Ankle Boots, $1,370, Alaïa



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