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5 Wellness Bloggers to Follow Now

In need of inspiration to live well? Check out our list of 5 wellness bloggers you should be following on Instagram.
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Health and wellness are increasingly recurrent and sought after issues on the internet. Whether it's through other people's stories or healthy eating snacks, everyone can use a little help to live a lighter, healthier life.

A great way to start your own changes at home, these lifestyle wellness gurus are accessible and share deep, educational content.

Whether posting about self-care and acceptance or an incredible vegan recipe, you need to know the 5 bloggers to follow.


@hellolaurennash : self love, acceptance and meditation.

@alison__wu: recipes, yoga and design.

@mamamedicine : holistic medicine, plants, crystals and baths.

@sarahfit : food, exercise, and lifestyle.

@leefromamerica: recipes, holistic lifestyle, and nature.

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