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5 Wellness Bloggers to Follow on Instagram Now

Trying to make the most of time spent at home or just looking for some inspiration? Check out our list of 5 wellness bloggers you should be following on Instagram.
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Health and wellness are increasingly sought-after issues on the internet, whether you're looking to emerge from social distancing feeling better than ever or just want some general inspiration to prioritize your health. Through celebrity and model workouts, aesthetically pleasing meditation sessions, and healthy eating snack tips from wellness bloggers, Instagram can be a major source of inspiration for anyone to live a lighter, healthier life.

A great route to get started with a lifestyle change without needing to leave the house, the best wellness bloggers to follow are approachable and share informative content. Whether it's their detailed instructions on ab workouts to do with friends or the amount of rosemary essential oil you need to create a spiritual healing bath, these gurus will inspire you to improve your lifestyle in many ways, from mental to physical to social. Check out our top 5 wellness bloggers to follow below, and get ready to find the inspiration you've been needing.

Sharing her clear passion for plant-based food and all things sweet, German photographer and content creator Marie Dorfschmidt has created a mouth-watering dream through The Rawberry. Putting the focus on beautiful food above the body inspiration you may see on many wellness accounts, Dorfschmidt showcases tempting photos and recipes of vegan cuisine, especially when it comes to desserts. You'll need to take another glance in order to believe that recipes like the raspberry frosted chocolate cake to the pumpkin cheesecake are truly 100% vegan, but it truly displays that a plant-based diet doesn't have to be boring or restrictive. She posts her easy-to-learn recipes in both English or German, making her one of the best wellness bloggers to follow for those venturing into vegan terrain from a range of backgrounds.

For the past few years, models Josephine Skriver and Jasmine Tookes have joined forces on Instagram to show just how much more fun a fit lifestyle can be with a best friend by your side. With the motto #LiveTrainTogether, the duo's workouts show that two are always better than one, whether it's offering resistance during a workout or enjoying some smoothie bowls together. On their account, Skriver and Tookes offer healthy recipes, workout challenges, and lifestyle tips all while wearing matching athleisure outfits, making them some of the most joyous wellness bloggers to follow on Instagram and YouTube.

Founded by Lauren Ash, Black Girl In Om is a mental detox haven that aims at creating a community of holistic wellness and inner beauty for women of color. Through communication, podcast sessions, and guided meditation series, the platform crafts a blissful space for empowerment and self-care, proving the importance of solidarity and mental wellness in a healthy lifestyle.

The founder of HBFIT, Hannah Fallis Bronfman is an all-around wellness guru. Bronfman's quirky, honest posts share mindful self-care tips that she has gathered in her decade-long wellness journey. Her blog includes guides on health, beauty, and fitness, along with an online wellness TV series that featured Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski in the Hot Guys in the Kitchen segment. Bronfman, who is also a DJ and has often mingled with the New York fashion crowd, recently published a book, Do What Feels Good, that features healthy recipes, wellness tips, and more details on her experiences.

While many may turn to psychics and the zodiac, Deborah Hanekamp's medicinal readings will provide a new way to soothe all your concerns. For her, the true healing force is the power of love, so she aims to empower people to be their own healers by connecting them to self-love in their readings. You can book a Mini Medicine Reading with Hanekamp at $95 for 10 minutes, but if you're not quite ready to take the plunge, her Instagram details the steps and ingredients to recreate her aesthetic ritual baths to cleanse your spiritual aura. With many of us spending most of our time at home for the time being, Mama Medicine is a great wellness blogger to follow if you want to shake up your self-care bath routine.


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