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D.S. & Durga’s New Scent Will Change Your Fragrance Wardrobe

“It doesn’t really smell like anything.”
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Thinking of finally chucking all those bottles of unused perfumes that have been taking up space and gathering dust in the back of your junk drawer for years? Before you grab the recycling bin, David and Kavi Moltz have a proposition for you. All good, it comes in a bottle. Their newest creation—D.S. & Durga I Don’t Know What—has the power to turn those stale and forgotten perfumes into ones you’ll want to wear again. The same way that reworking the draping of an old dress can give it a second life, this fragrance modifier can modernize just about any juice.

What is a modifier, you might ask?

“For me, it’s a magical aroma chemical that boosts something without announcing its own presence too much,” explains Moltz, the perfumer of the business (Kavi designs the packaging and overall look of the brand. Check out their website to witness her cleverness in action). “For example, in food, it would be salt, umami powder or MSG. In painting, a varnish. Many perfumes use modifiers; we’re just providing the toolkit for users to modify their own.”

This toolkit is a transparent scent that was created to impart radiance to an existing fragrance. “But it’s also a brightener, a rounder, a,” adds Moltz. “And it’ll modernize any fragrance. It’s very now.”

With 13 scents under their belts (IDKW makes 14), the brand is known for pushing the envelope with the complexities of their formulas, but I Don’t Know What is almost antithetical to the others in its simplicity. Curious about what’s in it? How about what’s not?

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