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4 French Massages to Try for the Ultimate Detox

Merciless against unwanted cellulite, these techniques will transform you from the inside out.
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Mostly attributed to green juice fasts and other slightly frustrating dieting methods, the term detox is still misunderstood in daily health and wellness vocabulary. It is more of a reset, boosting your metabolism and rejuvenating digestion. Detox methods aren't limited to what you put in your body either, as lymphatic massages can also pack a punch, making you feel instantly light on your feet. Whether you are at home or a gym or a studio, focus on these four methods to detox your mind and body wherever you are. 

The DIY Detox Massage Method

The DIY method is an essential beauty ritual. A fierce (and inexpensive) weapon against cellulite, this self-massage drains and stimulates your lymphatic system. Historically, this method consists of dislodging fatty deposits by pinching a fold of the skin and rolling it under your fingers. This movement is to be repeated on the affected areas from the bottom to the top of the body to enhance blood circulation. Perform this massage daily, ideally after using a coffee grounds scrub with one of our favorite oils below.

The Traditional Detox Massage Method

For a more traditional detox, head to La Maison du Tui Na where the Tui Na technique is used. This massage method is one of the five pillars of traditional Chinese medicine alongside acupuncture, dietetics, Chinese pharmacopoeia and energy exercises. In Tui Na, the body is massaged from head to toe, almost like a scan, to relax your mental state as the massage relieves tension in the body while also stimulating the flow of ‘qi,’ which plays a role in digestion. You feel the direct impact it has on your body, especially within your digestive system. The objective of this detox massage? To revive the lymphatic system and increase the elimination of fluids, thus remedying water retention, bloating and other sensations that cause you to feel fatigued and heavy. 

La Maison du Tui Na (4 addresses in Paris)
9, Nicolo Street
75016 Paris
Reservations on 01 45 24 53 89 (ask for Shu)
Tui Na Detox massage prices:
55 minutes, 85 €
1h25, 129 €

The Advanced Detox Massage Method

Unmissable in the world of beauty and well-being, the pinnacle of these detoxing practices is when Martine de Richeville joins forces with the luxury care brand Maison Flamel to transform body and mind on the first floor of the Bon Marché Rive Gauche. Not to be missed, this retreat will leave you feeling reborn and ready to take on the world. For 60 minutes, your body is kneaded using a technique exclusive to Martine de Richeville and her practitioners in their impeccably designed treatment room—from the bottom of your ankles to the top of your back, this deep (and sometimes painful) massage removes even stubborn cellulite.

This regenerating massage has a significant impact on your metabolism, and oxygenates the membranes enveloping your muscles. Besides the lymphatic and metabolic drainage action, this massage is an unbeatable method if you're looking to sculpt and refine your body. When performed with the Alkemic Balm from Maison Flamel, rich in Omegas 3 and 6, this treatment strengthens your tissues while nourishing the skin. You are sure to come out of this massage feeling ultra-light on your feet with a rejuvenated mind.

Maison Flamel by Martine de Richeville at Bon Marché Rive Gauche, 7/7 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., until August 30. Prices: 152 euros, 1 hour treatment, 10 sessions pack available. By appointment only at 01 44 94 09 38 or 06 68 19 12 60 (ask Marion)

The Rena Franca Detox Massage Method

Less painful than the palpate roll, Jacqueline Miranda's lymphatic drainage is a Brazilian massage that helps revive the lymphatic system. Miranda, who trained in the Rena Franca method in Brazil and France, "kneads" the fat in order to sculpt the body, smooth the skin, and give the feeling of being light on your feet even from the first session. The more they work away on the lymph, the more it works. A course of 5 sessions spaced 7 days apart is ideal to obtain the desired slimming effect.

"It's not a relaxing massage,” warns Jacqueline, who only operates from home. "I drain, but I don't remove the fat cells, I disperse them, so afterward you have to take a brisk walk, and pay attention to your diet."




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