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The Benefits of Lemon Water Explained

Adding lemon to your water will taste good while making you feel even better with its detoxifying elements
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While some of us look forward to keeping up our daily routines in quarantine and others may be longing to switch it up, we have a simple, healthy treat for you that will add flavor to your everyday. Our day to days may consist of eating, drinking, working, and hopefully taking some time out for self-care, but what if self-care could be as easy and as natural to us as drinking a glass of water? 

Seriously, now is the perfect time to break the monotony of drinking water by adding lemon, anywhere from a slice to a full squeeze. We all know we couldn't live without water, and as we already drink about half a gallon a day to maintain our health, bringing lemon to the mix only brings excitement and health benefits to our daily routines.

Whether you're loving or loathing your current routine, lemon could truly make all the difference. Learn about all the benefits of lemon water that will boost your mood, your health, and your day.  

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Without the same, often overpowering, level of citrus and high amount of sugar in lemonade, lemon water has a refreshing taste that cleanses your system without weighing it down.

The benefits of lemon water have also made it a popular part of dieting today, and you may have even heard of it being used in well-known diets such as the Alkaline diet. Lemon water is a favorite in dieting programs because it increases your body's energy level and metabolic rate, meaning it gives you more energy to be active and promotes physical activity while keeping you hydrated.

The nutritional values of lemon are also high, as they are enriched with vitamins and minerals, including traces of potassium, folate, and some B vitamins. Potassium regulates your body's fluids to keep them balanced in addition to boosting your overall mucle and nerve functions. B vitamins, including folate, boost your energy and metabolic levels to maintain your health. 

Lemon juice also contains little fat, carbohydrates, or sugar, and while those are all beneficial in your diet to a certain extent, they are found in many other common foods and not necessary in everything we consume. 

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Lemon is a rich source of vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant. As you probably know, it is important to get a good dose of different vitamins as they all promote various parts of your body's system. Vitamin C is good for helping your immune system function, healing wounds, and helping the body absorb iron from food. Adding lemon to your water gives you about 21% of the vitamin C you should take daily, and some other foods rich with vitamin C, such as strawberries and kale, will taste great paired with lemon water.

Additional benefits of lemon water are that lemons are also a source of plant compounds called flavonoids, which are often found in fruits and vegetables and have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. These compounds help protect your body cells from damage, and by reducing cell damage, antioxidants reduce the risk of many health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, obesity and cancer. Antioxidants help by suppressing free radicals, which are harmful, pathogenic compounds created by oxidative stress in the body. When you consume lemon water, inflammation in the body decreases thanks to flavonoids. 

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While adding a lemon to your classic, room-temp cup of water is a simple step in making you feel amazing, if you want to further explore the benefits of lemon water, take a bit of time to prep hot water with lemon. Nutritionists suggest adding lemon to warmer water soon after waking up to wake up your systems as well and prep your body for the day ahead. Hot lemon water will help facilitate your digestive system to keep your body actively cleansing itself while still boosting its ability to heal and energize itself. 


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With an overall detoxifying effect, lemons are small but mighty fruits packed with nutrition and flavor that instantly perk you up with their taste while gradually promoting positive changes in your body and mood. Bring the benefits of lemon water into your everyday routine and see its effects for yourself. 

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