Glossier Finally Has an Acne Product

The skincare brand with a cult-following is expanding its products.
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Today, Glossier announced its first acne product.

Now, I know what you're thinking. And no, despite the fresh-faced girls in all of its advertisements, Glossier didn't already have an acne product. But for those of you with oily skin who are fans of the brand, rejoice! Because now you won't have to look outside of the brand (and its free shipping over a certain dollar amount) to get your acne treatment. The new product is called "Solution," both because it (chemically) is one and because it is the solution to your acne woes. It's a daily-use product chock full of AHA, BHA, and PHA, each of which helps break down acne and clear pores. 

Glossier is coming with facts to back this up. In a clinical trial, 3/4 of the participants said that it was the acne product they were looking for, and 94% of those with acne prone skin said their skin was clearer. It's a pump-action product, where you press a cotton pad down on the dispenser and allow the product to soak through it before wiping the pad on your skin. It's not the most environmentally-friendly way of going about things if you use cheap face pads, but the brand's 100% natural cotton rounds or other natural cotton pads are biodegradable and earth-friendly! It looks like this one will be a win for Glosser—it's definitely a win for their customers. Maybe now we can have skin like in the ads.

 Purchase the Solution, $24, here


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